The Best Star Wars Games You Can Play


Whether you’re looking to play Star Wars games online or on your console, there are many options. Here’s a look at some of the best Star Wars games you can play.

TIE Fighter

Whether it’s an old-school space shooter or an RTS, Star wars games have been entertaining for years. As part of Disney and Lucasfilm, the company has been making games for a while now. The latest installment, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, is a well-made tie-in to the movies. It’s perfect for couch multiplayer and packs a lot of unlockables.

For those looking for the actual Star Wars experience, the PlayStation VR headset is the way to go. The immersive first-person cockpit view puts you inside the iconic Tie Fighter. In addition, its 80 projectiles and clever mission briefings make it ideal for experiencing space combat in a virtual world.

Jedi: Fallen Order

Despite a few flaws, Fallen Order is an excellent Star Wars adventure game. It has fantastic gameplay, a great atmosphere, and a good story. It’s the best Star Wars game EA has produced since its first Star Wars title.

Jedi: Fallen Order is set five years after the end of Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. Cal Kestis, a Jedi padawan, is on the run from the Imperial Inquisitorius. He accidentally discovers a connection to the Force. The Inquisitorius arrives to hunt or kill him. But he must learn to harness the Force to survive.

Return of the Jedi

Whether a Star Wars fan or a gamer, you’ll love Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. This is one of the most incredible action video games of all time. It’s been over a decade since its release, but it remains a classic. It was initially released for the Super Nintendo months before the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and Game Boy came out.

In this action-packed side-scrolling game, players must choose a character to guide them through several levels. Each level has a variety of bosses to battle, including the Emperor, Darth Vader, a giant monster, and the Rancor beast. However, it’s important to remember that most of these bosses are easy to defeat with someone using a blaster.

Super Star Wars

Developed by Sculptured Software and LucasArts, the Super Star Wars series is an action game based on the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. It features vehicle and side-scrolling platform levels. The graphics are excellent, and the music is well-recorded. But while the game has some great moments, it also commits several cardinal sins of game design.

For instance, the game’s story follows the original trilogy’s plot. However, it is not meant to be a cinematic experience. Instead, it is designed to play more like a run-and-gun game. It includes vehicle-based levels and is played from a third-person view.

Knights of the Old Republic

Despite its age and dated graphics, the classic “Star Wars” role-playing game Knights of the Old Republic is still one of the best. The game was released for Xbox in 2003 and later for PC. The game is set thousands of years before the events of the original “Phantom Menace.” During this time, the Jedi Order is disbanded, and Jedi are banished to the Outer Rim.

The game also offers three character classes, and players can build skills and Force powers. KOTOR also allows players to construct tiered feats, allowing them to become an intergalactic warrior.

Empire at War

Developed by Petroglyph Games, Empire at War is a unique and enjoyable strategy game. It focuses on the galaxy between the prequel and original trilogies and offers a unique gameplay style. You can play as the Rebels or the Empire and choose from three game modes.

The game has a large number of unique and memorable characters. The Heroes are single, moderately powerful units that can be used in land and space battles. In addition, some Heroes have special abilities, such as the Force, and others are only used in space battles.

Force Unleashed II

Despite being one of the most popular Star Wars games, The Force Unleashed II is a mediocre game that fails to live up to its predecessor. With only four locations, a repetitive story, and repetitive enemies, it’s a game that should have been canceled long ago.

While The Force Unleashed II improves on the original in several ways, the story and combat remain mediocre. In addition, the Force Power upgrades are streamlined, making it feel as if there’s little character development.

The Force Unleashed II’s story takes place six months after the original game and features a different character: Starkiller. He’s Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. Vader sends his troops after Starkiller, but the Dark Apprentice has no interest in killing him. So instead, he moves on.