Learn the Basics of Chess With a Chess Tutorial


There are several online chess tutorials you can download or watch, but a good one should focus on demystifying the chess board, pieces, and the game’s basic rules. It should also explain the “en passant” capture, promotion, casting, and how a game may end in a draw.

Basic chess moves

The first thing you should learn when learning the basics of chess is the moves of the pieces. Many different kinds of activities are used, including capture and movement. It would help if you also learned how to make special moves that allow you to move your pieces differently. For example, you can also learn how to make the castling move, which is the only way to carry two parts simultaneously. This is useful for keeping the king safe or developing the Rook.

Once you learn the basic chess moves, you can move on to more advanced chess theory. Advanced chess theory includes openings, tactics, positional play, and problem-solving chess.

Basic chess openings

There are hundreds of different types of chess openings. In addition to traditional outlets, you can try new ones, too. Some of the most popular slots have been studied extensively and have many different variations. Understanding them helps you to feel confident about your opening phase. The Ruy Lopez is an example of an opening often played by chess players at all levels. This opening, named after a Spanish priest, is a trendy choice and offers a variety of strategic plans for Black and White.

The fundamentals of opening play are covered in this book, including how to find solid moves for each piece. The book also teaches how to get pawns and reports to work together. This is an excellent book for anyone just starting to play chess.


If you want to improve your chess game, you need to understand how to use the knight in the game. The position of your knight on the board is critical, as it can lead to an attack on your king. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your knight and increase its chances of success.

The knight’s primary movement is an L-shape, which moves two squares in one direction, one square in the opposite direction, and one diagonally. However, remember that the knight cannot move two squares in a straight line.


The pawn is the most basic chess piece in the game, but it has unique movement rules. It can only move forward or diagonally, and it cannot move backward or horizontally. As such, the pawn’s movement is crucial for strategy. The promotion of an instrument is one of the most famous motifs in chess. The move can make the puppet the focal point of the endgame.

The last rank of pawns can be transformed into any piece except the king. But, first, it must reach the eighth rank for white details and the first for black. After this, the turn passes to the opponent.


In chess, the Rook is a long-range piece. Its mobility makes it a powerful asset, especially when the board is free of pawns. It can move up and down the board as well as side-to-side. Its ultimate aim is the enemy camp.

The rook move involves moving a pawn forward two squares. This allows the Rook to attack. Black’s pawns cannot defend their king from a strong attack. The Rook’s move will be successful if the black king is captured.


In a queen-move chess game, the queen moves to the same square as the king. This is a dangerous move and can lead to checkmate if your opponent fails to check the action. To ensure you’re not committing this error, it’s essential to learn the basic rules for queen moves in chess.

As the queen is the most vital piece in chess, you must guard it at all costs. The queen can move anywhere on the board, while the Rook and bishop can only move along the given axes. The queen can even combine these moves, making her more powerful than other pieces.