Bryan Grey Yambao – Better Known As Fashion Blogger Bryanboy


Fashion blogger Bryanboy has established an iconic place for himself in the fashion world. Renowned for his signature pose (arm outstretched like a runway model), this OG influencer earned industry respect so quickly that Marc Jacobs even dedicated a bag in 2008 in his honor!

He shares editorial-worthy looks and mini vlogs about life in Sweden with an honest approach.

What is Bryanboy?

Bryan Grey Yambao has long been one of the most recognizable faces in fashion. Through his eponymous blog, Bryan Grey Yambao has become an influential voice within fashion blogger culture and an indispensable member of fashion week shows around the globe. His presence alone draws thousands to his events!

Bryan has built up an incredible following on TikTok thanks to his quirky wit and appreciation of avant-garde fashion, garnering over 1.5 million followers and over 2 million views of his videos on TikTok alone. Well known for his direct, honest style of communicating, Bryan often posts humorous prank videos of himself, which don’t always meet with the approval of his followers – like posting one recently where he was seen walking across Parisian bicycle lanes while moaning about an almost hitting him cyclist who almost hit him clomping across them despite this video having over 2 million views! Despite it having over 2 million views, Bryan received backlash due to his actions!

This video also raised issues around influencer ethics. Although many assume fashion bloggers get paid to attend shows and receive clothing free from brands, this isn’t always the case; Bryan addressed this in his Instagram post and wrote that most of his expenses stemmed from special projects he completes with brands.

Bryan may not be as wealthy as other fashion bloggers, yet he has still amassed an impressive net worth through blogging, sponsored posts, and collaborations with various fashion brands. Additionally, he is an advocate of LGBTQ+ rights.

Although most of his followers come from within the US, he has amassed a considerable global following. In the past, he traveled to France and Indonesia to promote his brand. Social media is integral to his success; his Instagram account boasts over 4 million followers, while YouTube has 3 million subscribed.

Bryan Grey Yambao’s Net Worth

Bryan Grey Yambao’s net worth is between $1 and $5 Million. His income stems from his career as a fashion blogger and sponsorship and endorsement agreements. Furthermore, Bryan Grey Yambao is known for his YouTube videos and social media posts, which generate income for him.

Bryan has become famous for his iconic image of standing with hips thrust out and holding out a handbag – mimicked by fans everywhere – and his humorous writing style and charming personality.

Yambao began his fashion blog in the late aughts from his parent’s home in Manila, quickly rising to prominence within the industry with his fashion taste and eccentric fashion style, garnering global acclaim thanks to Yambao’s worldwide audience and fashion influencer status, serving as an early trailblazer and setting an example for younger bloggers as an influential fashion blogger himself Yambao has received many awards throughout his career including being nominated as one of 2007 Philippine Site Awards for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog Blog among many more accolades!

As one of the world’s foremost fashion influencers, Yambao has amassed an enormous following on TikTok and other social platforms. A regular on runway shows from designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alessandro Michele, he’s been seen advertising Fendi.

Recently, he made headlines after posting a TikTok video in which he crossed an exclusive bicycle lane directly in front of a young woman, and her response wasn’t well received; some accused him of gaslighting.

Yambao remains a crucial figure in fashion despite facing criticism on his social media accounts, drawing in followers through his unique style that appeals to Gen-Z and garnering lucrative sponsorship from companies like Gucci and Tods.

Yambao graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied political science and journalism before beginning his fashion career. In 2012 he participated in America’s Next Top Model as Cycle 19 judge alongside Kelly Cutrone; currently, he remains single without his children.

Bryan’s Personal Life

Bryan Grey Yambao, better known by his social media handle Bryanboy, has built up an impressive following on social media. His blog earned numerous accolades – including the Philippine Blogger Awards – while his eccentric style can be seen throughout his lifestyle and appearance. However, beneath all this bravado lies an individual who prefers keeping his personal life under wraps.

Bryanboy has quickly established himself on the front rows of fashion shows, yet his primary audience comes through TikTok. Here he can showcase editorial-worthy outfits and everyday life in Sweden – often with humorous or unexpected twists! These mini-vlogs offer viewers insight into Bryanboy’s world with a unique understanding.

He is also an outspoken proponent of LGBTQ+ rights, speaking out against homophobia in fashion and encouraging people to be themselves. Even with his busy schedule and full plate, he makes time for exercise and eating healthy meals regularly.

Bryan has also built an acclaimed business in the beauty industry through his cosmetics and skin care products – which have proven popular with fashion bloggers. Additionally, he works with several luxury brands and attends various fashion events worldwide – earning him one of the highest earnings among social media influencers.

Like his peers, Bryan has experienced resistance from legacy fashion industry members over his rise as part of a digital fashion sphere. For instance, several Vogue editors expressed concerns in a 2017 post that fashion bloggers were signaling the end of fashion and should find another business to pursue instead.

Fendi’s controversial campaign showcases how cultural context can impact fashion blogging interactions between bloggers, brands, and followers. Although the cultural implications are uncertain for this blogger pose, this incident sheds light on how fashion commerce has increasingly become a form of identity politics.

Bryan has appeared as a frequent guest on several popular podcasts, such as The Unmistakable Chriselle Lim and The HAITcast. Additionally, he has appeared in music videos and films; besides, he’s become quite the presence on Instagram!

Bryan’s Career

Bryan Grey Yambao, commonly known by his moniker Bryanboy, quickly established himself as an authority in fashion blogging since launching his blog from Manila in 2004. Quickly becoming known for his extravagant fashion sense and outspoken opinions that resonated with readers, in 2008, he became a force within this sector by appearing front row at significant shows worldwide and even having Marc Jacobs name a bag after him!

The Bryanboy pose, where fashion influencer X Bryanboy positions himself with one hip to one side and holds out his handbag using the other arm, has quickly become iconic among his followers. Unfortunately, its success was short-lived when Fendi appeared to steal it for their spring/summer advertising campaign featuring Angela Lindvall in a position strikingly similar to Bryanboy’s signature pose.

Bryanboy responded to Fendi’s apparent copycatting by condemning them and emphasizing, “Nothing can beat the original, legendary, and iconic BRYANBOY POSE!!!!.” He illustrated the multifaceted relationship between fashion bloggers, their fans, and the brands supporting them.

Bryanboy is an outspoken critic of the superficiality of the fashion industry and an advocate for its democratization. Additionally, he actively campaigns for HIV prevention – testing negative himself publicly as an encouragement to others – as well as using his platform to advocate safe-sex initiatives and anti-bullying campaigns and sharing personal experiences such as depression.

However, behind his public persona as an extravagant fashionista lies an entrepreneurial genius who reportedly earned thousands of dollars per post on Instagram and millions on TikTok. He even collaborated with clothing lines, including Re/Done and Levi’s! Additionally, he posted mini-vlogs about daily life in Sweden that combined humor and absurdism – garnering him the nickname ‘The Last Great Influencer’ by GQ.