Firefighter Phone Cases


Firefighters put themselves in harm’s way every day by entering burning buildings and responding to car accidents, and they deserve our support and admiration. One way you can show yours is by purchasing one of these firefighter phone cases made from a genuine FDNY fire hose; it is perfect for showing your pride for them and their work!


The firefighter phone case offers double-layer durability. Its polycarbonate outer shell will withstand daily impacts and scratches, while its soft silicone edge and grid pattern design add extra style. Perfect as a gift for firefighters in the field, this premium-made custom-made phone case features your department name printed down one side!


There are hundreds of styles to choose from when it comes to phone cases, from clear chances for a sleek appearance to high-quality prints that won’t fade. Plus, there’s a range of materials and textures – such as rubber cases that offer excellent grip while remaining comfortable to hold, polycarbonate cases for durability against drops, and eco-friendly options made with recycled materials – which you may also find at your local retailer.

Personalize your case even further by adding a special message or photo. Show loved ones just how much you care by creating something one-of-a-kind that they will treasure forever! This gift will become an heirloom.

Firefighters risk their lives every day to rescue others and to put out fires in burning buildings and accident scenes, inspiring us all with their courage. If you want to show your appreciation for firefighters, why not get them a phone case that celebrates and recognizes their heroism? No matter whether it be at home or work. A patient will protect their phone while also honoring and remembering this heroism!


Firefighters put themselves on the line every day when responding to burning buildings or automobile accidents, so their courage and dedication deserve recognition in a phone case that shows. One option from FDNY features almost entirely an actual FDNY fire hose and features an easy retrieval belt loop – and a portion of proceeds go back into supporting the FDNY Foundation!

Diztronic’s Molded TPU Case provides an affordable yet essential case solution, featuring button covers and cut-outs for camera, port, and port cover placement. Available colors include Black, Gunmetal Grey, Dark Blue, Mint Turquoise, and Pink Glitterflex.