Forex Steam EA Review


The Forex Steam EA is an automatic trading robot that implements retrace technology, a feature that forex robots have used for over ten years. The software has been improved hundreds of times since its inception. It also has advanced news filters, which help it avoid trading during low-impact news with medium impact and around public holidays. It also has features such as pip retrace, trailing stop, and break-even money management to help you avoid losses.


The Forex Steam EA is a forex trading software that uses coded information to place trades. The software developer boasts that his team has over 25 years of experience and that more than 4000 clients have trusted their products. The Forex Steam team consists of four leading developers: Paul Demande, Dmitri Kozlov, Julie Zhang, and Allan Brisebois. You can read more about the developers on their website.

The trading results of Forex Steam are not backtested on other currency pairs. However, the developers have provided account statements. However, these results can’t be validated since they were obtained on a demo account. Therefore, the risk-to-reward ratio of Forex Steam is adverse. Nevertheless, it is an effective and consistent EA.


The developers of the Forex Steam EA have over 25 years of experience between them. This is one of the most popular EAs on the market. It is available in several versions and costs $300 to $500 for live accounts. The developers offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the performance of their product. However, you must provide 30 days of trading history before purchasing it. This is because the Forex Steam EA likely uses a time-restricted scalping strategy and trades smaller timeframes. Its standard and light versions trade the M5 and M30 timeframes, respectively. This may not be ideal for a live account.

The Forex Steam team comprises Paul Demande, Dmitri Kozlov, Julie Zhang, and Allan Brisebois. After registering for the Forex Steam EA, you will be emailed a link that gives you access to a particular membership site. Once you have signed up for this service, you can download various educational materials. These materials will give you a better understanding of the Forex trading industry.

Retrace technology

The Retrace technology in Forex Steam ea is designed to help the EA secure wins and limit losses. This technology has been refined through several optimizations and is used to place trades with high accuracy. However, there is some concern over its backtesting data, which is generally poor. In addition, the EA can only be used on demo accounts, and its backtesting data has poor consistency.

The Retrace technology in Forex Steam is a feature that was added to the first version of the software. It is an algorithm that seeks to maximize winning trades and minimize losses. The system also uses a low-risk trading approach that works great for traders of all experience levels. The technology has also been updated several times since its inception.

Trading options

The Forex Steam EA offers several trading options that allow you to choose from various markets. It also has a holiday filter that automatically limits its trading to holidays when conditions are most favorable. This filter is also customizable. You can even make a list of holidays that you want to avoid.

The Forex Steam EA is particularly beneficial for new traders. Its low-risk trading environment means that even new traders can earn significant returns on their initial investments. Some users have reported earning up to a thousand times more than their initial investments. In addition, the trading strategy used by Forex Steam is highly profitable, even though it is limited to smaller time frames.

Trading demo account

You can start with a free demo account if you want to try Forex Steam without risking real money. This automated software is compatible with both MT4 and MT5. It does not require any software installation and has a variety of customizable settings. As a result, it is a popular choice among newbies and experienced traders. aA forex EA demo account lets you see how the program performs on different order sizes. The software lets you set minimum and maximum orders and various adjustments. Before trading with real money, it is essential to use a demo account to evaluate its performance. Before implementing the software on your real account, it is a good idea to sign up with a reliable forex broker.