Fx – Myths, Lies, as well as Promises


This article aims to reveal the many myths that exist regarding trading the forex market and all the actual promises and lies which exist. The main target is to be practical, honest, and down to earth simply because marketing is a very good friend however can also be a terrible enemy. What you need to consider about فارکس.

And we start with the synopsis associated with what is true and what is not real and what is the main enigma to become solved.

Here we proceed:

Truths: The forex market is the biggest and the most liquid monetary market at this moment and will probably continue to be as daily dealings are far beyond the actual transactions made by the major ALL OF US stock markets. There are no commissions in the forex market. Reality and false at the same time. You will find not but it is concealed with the spread of 2 – 3 pips in most brokers. The actual brokers win from the pip spread so the difference is their commission. There is a large amount of potential in terms of huge earnings as there is great take advantage of in most cases over 100 occasions. Most technical analyses of stocks and shares, commodities, etc apply to the currency market so if you know about it you can trade with more confidence the currency market. The forex market trends well if you follow the trend and do not struggle with it the chances are that you’ll make money. True but also calls for further explanation. This is upcoming.

Ok. So now let’s label all the lies, and promises along with marketing promotion ideas. You can make a fortune in the fx very quickly and easily. That is why most people fail and lose their very own accounts completely in a very short time. Recall what I said about the make use of earlier? Up to a hundred times, it is great when you find yourself right and awful when you find yourself wrong. Most brokers encourage people to open a small bank account with 200-300 USD only to trade their platform living. Very soon this money usually vanishes and you are still left wondering what happened. A few claim that they make extraordinary earnings every month.

It is possible but in almost all cases is not, it is just bait. The actual worst of all is once they promise that you can learn investing in a very short time and open a brand new account to trade simply lose the whole amount shortly. And by the way today currently the first Friday of the 30 days is the best day for broker agents and the worst day for traders as there is the launch of Non-Farm Payrolls. For brokers, it is heaven as they earn from their investments in a very unpredictable way with this day. For traders, this is a nightmare as they could succeed big or lose a great deal within seconds. It is just not worth trading this day.

To recap. The forex market is the best marketplace in terms of market efficiency, and level and is worth looking at if it is only OK together with your level of trading experience, danger tolerance, and investment interval. It requires a lot of research as well as paper trading first and it is a market in which you can win a great deal or lose everything within days. So do a lot of substantial homework. Start with a business strategy and first with the response to the question why should I want to get involved with this market? Am I not sure I to make it? Or could it be best to spend my cash elsewhere? At least I will take pleasure in some shopping etc.

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