Graphene X Jacket Review


A Graphene X Jacket is a lightweight jacket that is designed for adventure as well as everyday use. It weighs less than a pound and packs down for easy storage. It is also waterproof and breathable. This jacket is perfect for any adventurer or outdoor enthusiast.

It is stronger than steel

The Graphene X Jacket is a lightweight, reversible shell made from a unique material. It’s 100 times stronger than steel, impervious to liquids, and can even be worn as a coat. The Alpha Series from Graphene-X is a practical all-around jacket for all weather conditions.

This jacket is made of a triple layer of graphene, making it as strong as steel but lighter. It is also antibacterial, UV-blocking, and highly breathable. The jacket is lightweight and has RECCO technology to keep you dry and comfortable.

It is breathable

The graphene fabric is breathable and works as a radiator. It retains heat and disperses it around the body, helping to equalize the temperature. The graphene also disperses any extra humidity created by heat. This makes the jacket a very effective heat management garment.

Another great feature of the Graphene X Jacket is its incredible lightness. While other jackets can weigh three or more pounds, this jacket weighs only two pounds. That makes it extremely breathable, as well as waterproof.

It is a synthetic offering

The Graphene X Jacket is made from 100% 20D nylon 66 yarn. Developed by DuPont back in 1937, Nylon66 is a super-breathable, abrasion-resistant fabric with outstanding mechanical stretch. It also has a soft feel due to its nano-texture.

Graphene-X does not cut corners in the manufacturing process and uses only the best. For example, it uses YKK zippers, which are the best in the world and have a 90-day lead time. As a result, they cost 3-5 times as much as second-best zippers.

It is a replacement for a multitude of other jackets

The Graphene X Jacket is remarkably lightweight and robust, as well as waterproof and breathable. It is made from graphene, the strongest material yet discovered. This technology allows for a lightweight, high-tech, high-performance jacket that will outlast countless others.

The jacket’s outer shell is made from recycled materials, and the hood is adjustable for warmth and security. It also features a PU membrane, which allows air to circulate without restricting your movement. The Graphene X Jacket is lightweight and surprisingly warm, making it an ideal replacement for a variety of jackets.