How Much Does Executive Resume Writing Cost?


Writing an impressive resume takes time, so enlisting professional help to shorten it and make it more effective.

Various services offer executive-level resume writing services; however, their prices vary drastically. You should search for one offering personalized consultations and boasting a proven record of success.


Professional executive resume writers can save you considerable time, frustration, and stress during your job search process. But it’s important to remember that not all services offer equal value: some resume writing companies may charge hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars more than you are willing to spend for their services; additionally, some services have lengthy turnaround times or subpar customer service; this could prove challenging if you need your job fast.

Professional executive resume writing services should be able to tailor their work specifically to each client’s individual needs. In-person or telephone interviews with prospective clients allow these companies to assess career goals and experience, then craft personalized resumes designed to attract hiring managers and recruiters. Furthermore, these services should provide cover letters and any necessary job-search-related documents.

An average executive resume writing service typically costs between $500 and $2,200, depending on experience level and service options included in a package. A basic service might offer phone consultation and resume development. At the same time, advanced packages might include a cover letter, LinkedIn profile writing services, interview coaching, or any services designed to speed up job placement.

Your budget and career stage will dictate your executive resume writing service selection. When selecting an experienced writer who specializes in your industry to make your resume shine, look for services with guarantees so that you know they will do a quality job.

Cost and quality should be important factors when choosing an executive resume writing service, so do your research thoroughly before selecting one. While many services provide samples, reviews, and guarantees; none can be trusted entirely – some samples could have been falsified, and reviews falsified; when selecting your service, look for testimonials from previous clients as well as referrals – and be wary of services that claim a high return on investments (ROIs).


Executive resume writing services that truly understand their clients take time to get to know your skillset, experience, and goals before developing a customized and targeted resume that attracts hiring managers and helps secure interviews. A professional resume could make all the difference, so investing in professional services is worth your while.

Make sure to hire your executive resume writer carefully, reviewing their previous work. Choose someone with an excellent track record and commitment to meeting deadlines; additionally, inquire about any guarantees or satisfaction policies offered – if no such guarantee exists, then look elsewhere for assistance.

Executive resume writers offer comprehensive services, from LinkedIn profile rewrites and interview coaching to interview preparation. Although these packages can be more costly than simply hiring a traditional resume writer, the extra individual attention and expertise provided may make the investment worthwhile for executives looking for their next position.

When selecting an executive resume writing service, look for one with outstanding customer service. While some companies will provide testimonials directly on their websites, searching for additional reviews online will provide a complete picture of its quality and how other customers use it.

Note how many revisions are included with each service as part of their price. Some allow unlimited rewrites, while others will limit changes made to your initial draft. In addition, many companies provide free consultation services before signing on with them.

TopStack Resume offers executive resume writing packages tailored specifically for executives. Each service provides a phone consultation with a writer and a written draft within two days following. In addition, they also offer additional services like interview coaching and career portfolio creation.


Experienced executive resume writers understand the complexities of creating an impactful document, helping job seekers gain an edge by capitalizing on their professional credentials to their benefit. Furthermore, executive resume writers specialize in tailored services like career coaching and LinkedIn makeovers that focus on your unique qualifications to set you apart from the competition.

When selecting an executive resume writing service, be sure to review its online reviews and compare pricing against the scope of your project. The service must offer exceptional value for money to ensure a professional profile is created for your job application.

As part of your professional documentation, in addition to a resume, you may require other documents like cover letters and executive summaries. Some services also provide interview coaching and salary negotiation training – Mary Elizabeth Bradford offers one such package targeted explicitly toward high earners, including one-on-one consulting and coaching sessions for an investment of $2,597.

Consideration must also be given to turnaround time when selecting a service, especially as executive resumes are typically not completed quickly. Some services have fixed turnarounds while others allow for unlimited revisions – it is essential that your chosen writer can deliver what has been promised of results.

As an executive, you will want to maximize the return on your investment, so it is crucial to take your time in selecting a service. Do not rely on social media reviews when choosing – check for guarantees and delivery times before selecting.

Top-rated executive resume writing services tend to offer transparent pricing structures and can work with you to develop a custom package tailored specifically to your situation. Prices usually range between $250 and $3,000 depending on the size and complexity of your business and process; most services typically provide phone consultations and an executive-level resume; however, additional charges may be assessed for services like LinkedIn makeovers or career coaching.

Customer service

Finding a job as an executive is more complicated than filling out an application; they need to communicate their experience and expertise clearly for recruiters to identify what they’re searching for. That’s why investing in professional resume writers is invaluable – they can assist with creating an attractive document that increases your odds of obtaining what you want.

Executive resume writing services offer customizable packages tailored to your needs and budget. Some include services such as interview coaching and career advice; others focus on preparing you for a specific job type or industry; others offer additional documents like cover letters or LinkedIn profile rewrites. If you’re uncertain which package best meets your needs, check the website to learn what’s included with each option.

Before signing any contracts, you must assess the quality of service offered. You can do this by researching a company’s reputation and client feedback; also, ask for references or sample work to know what awaits. Some services also offer free consultations.

Consider also the costs associated with executive resume writers when making your selection. While more expensive isn’t necessarily better, don’t be put off spending extra if it increases your chances of landing the desired job.

One important consideration when hiring executive resume writers is the speed of delivery. Some services take longer to produce drafts of resumes for their clients, which can be very inconvenient when trying to secure employment quickly. Certain services even charge additional rush fees to ensure your document arrives on time.

When searching for an executive resume writing service, ensure it offers free consultation and guarantees satisfaction. In addition, find one affiliated with professional organizations to ensure you work with qualified professionals who know about current trends in resume writing.