How to Fix a PopSocket


If your popsocket has broken, you may wonder how to fix it. There are a couple of ways to do this. One method involves replacing the base of the pop socket. The second method involves reattaching the top part. Once the base has been replaced, you can apply pressure to snap the top back into place.

Oterbox pop socket fix

OtterBox has teamed up with PopSockets to develop a protective case for the new PopSocket concept. This new case is part of the Symmetry Series of cases from Otterbox and has some unique features. The case features drop protection, a one-piece design for easy on-and-off access, and scratch protection. It is also available in many different colors for a customizable look.

The Oterbox PopSocket is compatible with most cases. However, some types of cases do not adhere to the PopSocket, including complex, silicone, and waterproof cases. Also, it does not stick to phones with metal casing or heavily textured cases.

Method 3 – How to fix a broken popsocket

There are a couple of ways to fix a broken pop socket. The first is easy – you have to remove the top piece, squeeze the pop socket, and push it back into place. This method will work well for newer pop sockets – older ones are more likely to break.

The second method is more complex but can be done with much patience. Before you start attempting to remove the pop socket, make sure you close the pop socket. You don’t want to disconnect the pop socket when fully extended because that could damage the top half or break the whole thing.

To use this method, you need a funnel or a small screwdriver. Place the funnel face down into the hole and press the base down. You can also turn the funnel clockwise to lock it into place. After that, you will need to wait for the base to dry for 24 hours.

Replace a pop socket base

If your PopSocket base has come off, you may need to replace it. Fortunately, it is not difficult. First, peel off the adhesive on the base of the pop socket. This should be easy because the adhesive is not very strong. Next, clean the base of the PopSocket with rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone. Once the base is clean, run it under cold water for a few seconds. You can then reapply it.

While you can recycle your PopSocket, you may want to avoid recycling it. It is not recommended to throw them away as the adhesive does not stick as well to some surfaces, including silicone and leather. It may also be hard to stick them back onto a different phone because there is no adhesive.

Put on a popsocket

If you have ever wondered how to put on a pop socket to your phone, it’s simple. This simple device has two parts: an adhesive base and a removable disk on the top. Before installation, it’s essential to degrease your phone and pop the socket. You’ll also need to clean the adhesive part before reuse.

To remove the PopSocket from your phone, pull one end off and pull it out. It should come out more accessible if you compress it. You’ll have to pull it out from its base if it is too long. Peel it up from one corner and then upward in a circular motion.

The adhesive gel affixed to the back of the PopSocket is very sticky. It may come off if you leave it off for a few hours. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t leave it off your phone for more than an hour. While it will still adhere to most smartphones, certain materials might be harder to stick to.

Replace a pop socket cap

Changing the cap on your PopSocket is easy and requires little effort. You can use a nail, credit card, or dental floss to unscrew the old cap. Replace the old cap with the new one, and you’re good to go. If your PopSocket is broken, you may not need to replace it. But if it is broken, you can still enjoy its spinning top and other features.

First, locate the Popsocket. It sits on a base that has a slot for the funnel. To replace the cap, you need to loosen the funnel that connects the cap to the base. Rotate the funnel to tighten it. You’ll hear a click sound as it tightens.