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The Melrose Trading Post is an intimate flea market designed for those with an eclectic, artistic sensibility. Held each Friday afternoon in Fairfax High School’s parking lot, it offers handcrafted artisan goods, mixed arts & crafts items, vintage clothing, and quirky one-of-a-kind treasures from its carefully curated selection.

As well as serving as an annual fundraising event for school clubs and programs, an admission fee pays for student field trips and theater productions.

Vintage Clothing

Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles is an exclusive shopping mecca for attracting celebrities and fashionistas. The Melrose Trading Post also serves as a weekly flea market that raises funds for local schools by selling vintage clothes and antique furniture – the ideal spot for finding that piece to complete your wardrobe!

In 1997, actors Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston created the Greenway Arts Alliance nonprofit market to help students at Fairfax High School. Through it, they raised $10 million that has funded all aspects of Greenway Institute for the Arts at Fairfax High School and numerous programs offered.

Every Sunday, thousands of visitors flock to Fairfax High School’s parking lot to browse 240 vendors offering art, antiques, handcrafted artisan goods, vintage fashion, and other specialty products – it’s like being transported back in time! For an affordable admission fee, you can browse everything from veteran clothing resellers to full-time independent artists!

Fairfax Market is the ideal spot for finding classic T-shirts, leather jackets, and vintage boots at discounted prices – and all proceeds benefit Fairfax children! Moreover, students running the market could use help setting up and breaking down tents, helping customers locate merchandise, and cleaning up afterward. So come down today if you want a fun shopping experience that benefits Fairfax kids!

Students employed at Melrose Trading Post gain customer service experience while receiving instruction in job interviewing and resume-building techniques, providing a significant edge in today’s competitive job market. Working there also builds their confidence.

This market runs from 8 am to 4 pm, with plenty of room for shoppers to roam the rows of vendor booths and talk with locals. Although smaller than Rose Bowl Flea, you could spend several hours browsing vendor booths while meeting fellow shoppers and enjoying live music. Plus, there are food trucks on-site!

Vintage Jewelry

Fairfax High School hosts a weekly flea market where Generation Z shoppers come together to find their unique style, much like Melrose boutiques, but with an eclectic flair. Shoppers can find everything from Southwestern-style blankets and vintage lawn furniture from the 1940s through New Age item vendors selling crystals with purported healing powers and enough thrifted trinkets to fill an apartment full of treasure.

Visitors of the Greenway Arts Alliance market will experience an ever-evolving shopping experience, from vintage fashion and antique furniture to handcrafted artisan goods and quirky treasures. Established by Whitney Weston and Pierson Blaetz in 1997 through their non-profit Greenway Arts Alliance, Greenway’s programs include free in-school multidisciplinary arts education at Fairfax High.

Therefore, the market has quickly become popular among those looking to avoid overly-branded clothing. While crowds may get boisterous, it’s easy to spot vendors specializing in authentic vintage apparel, accessories, and home goods for sale at this bustling flea market.

If you’re searching for something specific, arriving early before crowds form is critical to ensuring your shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible and avoiding being shoved aside by overzealous buyers. Try to avoid shopping at 10 am or noon when things tend to be busiest!

At Vintage Market Day, there’s more than vintage clothing, jewelry, and collectibles on offer; there is also food. When your snacking gets too much, plenty of delicious food trucks are on hand to fill any voids left by Mid-Century finds.

Vintage Furniture

Melrose Trading Post (MTP) is an ideal destination for Angelenos of all backgrounds to go shopping, from introverted individuals who like exploring its vintage treasures alone or with close friends to tourists looking for unique souvenirs. The outdoor environment at MTP makes an excellent backdrop for developing observational skills while finding hidden gems of antique and vintage items at reasonable prices. MTP also attracts young shoppers, which explains its continued prominence on several tourist websites and media publications as a top Los Angeles destination.

The MTP (Market to the People) is an antiques, art, and collectibles market held every Sunday at Fairfax High School’s parking lot. Started by Whitney Weston and Pierson Blaetz through Greenway Arts Alliance in 1997, this event brings communities together through performing arts performances and local commerce. Celebrated as a cultural destination by thousands of locals, its success helps sustain Greenway Institute for the Arts programs at Fairfax High School.

MTP vendors provide an exceptional selection of handcrafted artisan goods, eclectic arts and crafts, vintage fashion, antique furniture, and other unique finds. As well as being an invaluable shopping destination for many LA residents, the Market Trade Plaza also serves as an avenue for local artists and musicians to showcase their talents; every Sunday, the MTP hosts live music, dance, and theater performances to raise funds for school arts programs and leadership initiatives.

The MTP is an invaluable source for vintage lighting that adds personality to any room, rare vintage posters, and unique items from over 200 vendors – making it a valuable destination. Just bring cash with you as most vendors only accept credit or debit cards; also, wear comfortable clothes since there will be hours of walking involved.


Melrose Trading Post stands out in Los Angeles with its diverse offerings of shopping malls and high-end boutiques as an oasis. Held every Sunday afternoon in Fairfax High School’s parking lot, this weekly market provides hipsters a haven of vintage fashion, antique furniture, and quirky trinkets; plus, it serves as an ongoing fundraiser for Fairfax High School, visiting more than just retail therapy!

Pierson Blaetz and Whitney Weston created The Post to do more for their local community than just star in Hollywood movies. Their mission was to introduce art education into Fairfax High School that did not previously possess it, using marketplace forces as their means. Since 1997, The Post has raised over $10 million for in-school and after-school programs that would otherwise remain unavailable to Fairfax students.

Every piece of merchandise at Melrose Trading Post tells its unique tale. Lazaro’s hand-woven figurines recall his family’s migration to America from Cuba; Judy’s used books recount her teaching experience at a high school; Mark’s neon-painted jackets showcase his budding denim line – these personal stories transform every transaction into an intimate exchange.

Melrose Trading Post is more than just an incredible place for vintage finds in Los Angeles; it is also a cultural center and destination that draws thousands of shoppers weekly, providing something for everyone at this market. People can browse mid-century pieces and Victorian treasures while sipping coffee or juice, listening to live music performances, and taking in sights and sounds of Los Angeles that is constantly changing – no wonder this market is listed as one of Los Angeles’ top tourist spots by various travel publications and tourist websites! Open every Sunday, 8 am-4 pm; admission costs just $3 while pets are welcome, as are handicap-accessible parking spots nearby; plenty of visitors make this market an essential destination!