Emery Rose Clothing Reviews


Emery Rose Clothing is a fast-fashion online store offering women’s clothing at highly discounted prices. Customers can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club cards; additionally, it has a curve-plus section dedicated to plus-size women.

Many Emery Rose customers love their stylish clothing designs at competitive prices; however, some have complained about shipping times and customer service issues.

Customer service

Emery Rose offers an enjoyable online shopping experience for shoppers. Their website enables users to search by keyword, category, or brand for items of interest; additionally, they feature an easy size chart to help customers find their ideal size; in addition, the lingerie and sleepwear selection is quite significant while there’s also a section dedicated to women’s health and fitness with sports bras, workout pants and shirts available to purchase.

As well as offering unique clothing styles, the company utilizes ethical business practices. All its products are sourced and manufactured within the United States to guarantee fair wages and safe working conditions for its employees – making this company an attractive option among fashionistas.

Emery Rose boasts an extensive customer base, but many have reported having mixed experiences at its store. Some customers have noted that Emery Rose may not be as authentic as advertised or that its clothes contain cheap materials; however, most complaints against Emery Rose have been disregarded as fake reviews by management.

Whenever purchasing from an online store, it is crucial that you carefully read their terms and conditions as well as refund and shipping policies before placing an order. Should any queries arise during this process, contact their customer support representatives for answers to such concerns.

Emery Rose offers various women’s fashion accessories and clothing, such as jewelry, hair accessories, shoes, bags, and beachwear. Emery Rose also provides health and fitness products such as workout tees, sweatbands, dumbbells, resistance bands, skipping ropes, and head massager corsets – with standard and express shipping available.

If you have an issue with an Emery Rose product, you can submit it through its dispute resolution process. This service is free and guarantees a solution within 30 days; should you not be satisfied with its result within 45 days, a full refund can be requested with proof of purchase and claim form submissions.

Shipping times

Emery Rose is an online clothing store offering stylish clothing at competitive prices. Their customer service is outstanding, and merchandise is of exceptional quality, thus quickly becoming popular with their growing popularity among friends and family. However, Emery Rose has been accused of having long shipping times that may prove frustrating for customers searching for that ideal look.

To place an order, log in and select your category of interest from their list. Use their live chat feature for additional questions and get answers directly through their website. Any major credit or debit card may be used as payment; however, returns incur a $7.99 processing fee.

Emery Rose offers fashionable women’s clothing, including bags, shoes, and accessories. Their selection constantly changes to reflect seasonal trends – such as popular lace dresses and tunics! Plus-size styles are also available!

Emery Rose has attracted mixed reviews. While some customers may consider them a scam, many others are pleased with the products they’ve received. Some negative comments may come from people unfamiliar with fast fashion. Emery Rose uses trendy pieces that stay current with celebrity styles and trends – constantly updating its inventory accordingly – which helps it remain cost-effective enough to offer more clothing sales at lower costs than competing mass-market e-commerce retailers.

Emily Roselyn founded Emery Rose in 2016 to offer young women stylish yet affordable clothing that met their lifestyles. Since then, Emery Rose has expanded to provide bags with jewelry. While some customers may have complained about shipping times, most have been extremely satisfied with both product quality and exceptional customer service provided by Emery Rose.

Returns policy

Emery Rose is a fast-fashion online store that sells fashionable women’s merchandise at affordable prices. They specialize in trendy pieces that will become increasingly popular, often similar to celebrity styles. Unfortunately, some customers have reported being dissatisfied with their purchases as some claim the clothing is poorly constructed or doesn’t look as great in person.

Emery Rose offers nine categories of merchandise on their website: Women’s Clothing, Curve Plus Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Beachwear Jewelry, and Home & Living products. Their extensive range includes plus-size clothing. Their user-friendly site enables customers to create user accounts.

Customers remain suspicious of the website’s authenticity due to its low trust score and peculiar domain name; furthermore, the company provides few details on its owners or location.

Emery Rose offers a 45-day return policy for most items (excluding bodysuits, lingerie, and make-up ). Customers can print their shipping label for free, but they will deduct $7.99 from your refund. Unfortunately, Emery Rose doesn’t accept cash on delivery payments.

Emery Rose allows shoppers to purchase items without creating an account but to complete checkout. After logging in, browse their collections and add any that interest you to your virtual cart – before paying with a credit or debit card!

Emery Rose has an admirable reputation, but it’s essential to be informed before shopping there. Reading customer reviews from other buyers will give an accurate picture of the quality and authenticity of their merchandise. Furthermore, please take note of their customer service policy to understand how they handle complaints or returns before making your purchase decision if any doubt arises before doing so.


Emery Rose is an online fast-fashion retailer offering an expansive selection of clothing and accessories. Their focus on fashionable pieces for each season enables customers to remain up-to-date with celebrity style trends as they come and go. In addition to womenswear, beachwear shoes, and bags are also offered at Emery Rose.

Emerson Rose may be new to the fashion industry, but they offer much to be gained. Their website boasts an easy-to-navigate design with nine categories spanning clothing, plus size clothing, beach wear, shoes, bags, jewelry accessories home & living beauty – making finding what you want simple!

Some of the most sought-after items on the website are dresses, tops, and bottoms, available in different lengths, colors, and materials to meet every woman’s taste. Furthermore, an impressive collection of co-ords can be combined for an eye-catching ensemble look.

Emery Rose stands out with its outstanding customer service. Most customers have reported receiving their orders quickly and without issues, while a generous return policy enables you to return any item that doesn’t fit. Furthermore, their website is secure – an essential quality today.

Emery Rose clothes are generally of higher quality than Shein’s; they feature excellent fits, intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and lasting quality. Conversely, Shein has received negative customer feedback due to their inferior fabric and stitching quality.

Emery Rose offers many products and services, but it’s essential to read reviews before deciding. Companies fund fake review websites to post positive reviews about their products to attract potential customers and influence their decisions; such reviews shouldn’t be trusted entirely and should be treated with suspicion; taking their content with a grain of salt might even damage a business’s reputation! However, there are ways you can spot fake reviews. For instance, searching Facebook reviews accurately shows customer satisfaction with specific brands.