Mint by Intuit Review


With a clean interface and many features, Mint has become a go-to tool for many. It tracks all your accounts and bills on one dashboard, allowing you to view assets, debts, cash flow, net worth, and spending trends.

It automatically categorizes transactions and lets you make custom categories. It also provides budgets and insights into your spending habits.

It helps you manage your finances.

Whether you’re a regular full-time employee, a freelancer, or self-employed, Mint helps you effortlessly manage your finances. The app allows you to link your financial accounts and track your spending in one place. It also helps you create budgets and offers suggestions based on your spending habits. It also tracks your bills and provides reminders to pay them on time. Additionally, it can help you set up savings goals for vacations, holiday shopping, or a down payment. It even gives you a free credit score and tips to improve it. It’s easy to use and secure, with features like security scanning with VeriSign for transferring data and multi-factor authentication for accessing your account.

The app connects to your financial accounts and automatically categorizes transactions to simplify tracking. It also allows you to customize your categories to fit your lifestyle and needs, and you can add tags to distinguish purchases further. If a transaction cannot be categorized, it will wait for you to assign a category in the Uncategorized section. It then organizes these categorized transactions into a chart showing where most of your money goes. It also allows you to create budgets based on past spending and plans.

It also lets you link your investment and retirement accounts, and you can receive alerts for late fees, low balances, rate changes, bill reminders, and more. You’ll need to provide your usernames and passwords to link accounts, but your information is securely stored using multi-layered hardware and software encryption. You can use it on your computer or mobile device or use a browser-based version.

There are many other options available for budgeting, including Honeydue and Tiller. Honeydue has a more comprehensive feature set and can handle multiple accounts, including joint accounts. It also supports IRAs and 401ks and can import TurboTax refund information. It has a sleek user interface and is easy to navigate, but it does require some work to set up. It’s worth it, though, as it’s one of the most popular apps for managing your finances.

It helps you track your spending.

The free version of Mint by Intuit helps you track your spending, set financial goals and monitor your credit score. It also helps you keep up with your bills by tracking due dates and recurring payments. It can even alert you to a potential credit card rate increase or late fees before they become problematic. Plus, it uses VeriSign and multi-layer hardware and software encryption to protect your information. This makes it an excellent option for students and others who want to budget and save money while improving their spending habits.

When you link your accounts, Mint will automatically categorize your transactions and visualize your spending patterns. It will give you hundreds of default categories to choose from, and it is easy to add custom ones. The app also lets you see how much each transaction costs, including fees. You can also use the app to make cash purchases and track them manually if desired.

Mint can also help you set a savings target for future goals, such as purchasing a home or paying off debt. It will then calculate how much you can save by analyzing your current spending and income. It will also compare your progress against other users to determine whether you are on track or need to adjust your goals.

Another benefit of Mint is its credit monitoring service, which provides 24/7 access to your VantageScore and a full Experian credit report summary. This allows you to identify any errors in your report and take steps to correct them. It also gives you an idea of how your credit changes over time so that you can take action to improve it.

Unlike other budgeting apps, Mint allows you to connect multiple financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit cards, and personal loans. It can also send notifications for low balances, rate changes, and bill reminders. It can also help you set budgets for upcoming expenses, such as vacation or Christmas.

It helps you set goals.

Mint, owned by financial software giant Intuit, is a free budgeting app that helps users manage their finances and track spending. It also allows users to monitor their credit scores and create savings goals. It can be used on a desktop or mobile device and offers valuable insights to help users save money and improve their finances. It also tracks investments and provides a bird’s-eye view of your net worth and debt. In addition, it offers alerts to warn you of ATM fees, overdrafts, and upcoming bills.

Intuit’s app is easy to use and offers a well-designed interface. It allows you to connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts to see a total picture of your finances. The app will then categorize your transactions and make suggestions for future expenses. You can then choose to accept these suggestions and tweak them as needed. Mint also offers a monthly spending projection based on your previous behavior, which can be helpful to keep you from going over budget.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and has over 757,00 reviews on the App Store. Many reviewers praise the clean interface and ease of use. Some even say it has helped them meet their financial goals, such as saving for a home down payment or paying off student loans.

Another advantage of Mint is that it enables you to link your investment accounts, including 401(k) and brokerage accounts. This makes it easier to track your savings goals. It can also show you how your net worth, debt, and credit card balances have changed over time, making it easier to spot trends.

The app is free, but you must provide your personal information. This includes your email address, phone number, and other personal details. It also uses VeriSign to secure your data and multi-factor authentication to protect your account. It is not available for international use and does not support multiple currencies, so it may not be the right option if you have assets in different countries.

It helps you boost your credit score.

Mint by Intuit is a free budgeting and personal finance application that lets you track your spending, set goals, and monitor your credit score. You can use the app to link your bank, credit cards, investment, and loan accounts. You can also connect P2P payment apps and recurring bills to Mint. Once your accounts are linked, Mint will provide a high-level overview of your finances and suggest a customizable budget for you to follow. Its partnership with TransUnion also provides a range of credit monitoring tools.

Besides tracking your spending, Mint can automatically categorize transactions based on historical data. In case the software miscategorizes a transaction, you can manually change it. The app can even help you set up rules for recurring purchases, saving you time. It also tracks your monthly subscriptions and reminds you when your upcoming bills are due. In addition, it can send you alerts for late fees, low balances, rate changes, bill reminders, and other important events.

The app allows you to create multiple budgets and savings goals. It will also help you track your credit score, which will improve if you make on-time payments and don’t overspend. However, it would be best if you remembered that the app does not track income and expenses from outside the United States. It also does not allow you to manage accounts in multiple currencies.

In addition to its free budgeting and expense tracking features, Mint offers various other financial services, including mortgage calculators, savings goal trackers, and more. Its mobile app is easy to use and offers an intuitive interface. It also features an automatic categorization feature, making it an excellent choice for users with multiple accounts.

Although the app is free, it uses your personal information to display targeted ads. You can opt for an ad-free version of the service or purchase a premium membership, which costs $0.99 per month. Both versions offer additional features like home affordability and loan repayment calculators. Moreover, you can sync any joint accounts with your partner to see the same financial data in Mint. In addition, the company uses VeriSign encryption to transfer your information and multi-factor authentication for account access.