Bleckley County Schools Calendar


School district also provides students with an opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement courses and exams, providing college credit that can assist them with preparation for higher education.

Bleckley County Schools is an exceptional school district boasting above-average scores on state tests and graduation rates. Discover their performance compared with other communities using our school rankings.


Holidays on the Bleckley County Schools calendar are among the most anticipated events of each school year, providing students with time to relax, recharge, and prepare for the next academic year. Holidays also help build stronger bonds among peers and teachers, as well as celebrate events within their local community with goodwill celebrations and social gatherings.

The Bleckley County Schools calendar encompasses federal and national holidays as well as local public ones. Cultural festivals are celebrated year-round as public holidays; on these special days, schools close. These holidays play an essential part in Bleckley County School District’s calendar of activities and remain public holidays open to everyone.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions describes academic calendars as systems by which you define landmark dates that specify much of the day-to-day business at your educational institution.” This could include payment deadlines for tuition and fees as well as financial aid submission deadlines; class breaks such as holidays, graduation commencements, etc.

Bleckley County High School in Cochran, Georgia, is a small rural school of 652 students enrolled with 48 teachers. According to national metrics, its performance on state tests and preparation of students for college was below average; however, its AP participation rate exceeded Georgia’s average.

Bleckley County High School boasts a diversity score of 0.48, significantly lower than Georgia’s state average of 0.70. Furthermore, it ranks within the top 50% of schools for both math and reading proficiency scores; additionally, it offers educational programs with a 1:1 student-teacher ratio and encourages Advanced Placement courses and exams – however, these factors alone won’t guarantee admission into the top colleges; get help setting yourself apart with personalized support from a CollegeAdvisor Admissions Expert today!


Bleckley County School District recognizes holidays with various activities throughout the year, from federal and state holidays, regional festivals, cultural celebrations, and closed school days to national holidays on their calendar. These celebrations make each event memorable for students as well as teachers alike and make each year truly enjoyable!

Bleckely County High School is a public high school located in Bleckley County, Georgia, and is home to 652 students and 48 teachers. Based on math and reading proficiency testing data, it ranks within the top 50% of public schools across Georgia – earning its academic proficiency status from Georgia’s state government. Furthermore, students at Bleckely County High School have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses and exams.

The Bleckley County School Board was honored to receive the 2023 GSBA Exemplary School Board Recognition, given annually to school boards that demonstrate exceptional governance and leadership practices that foster educational community cultures that support student learning and achievement.

Bleckley County Schools will introduce Peachjar, a digital flyer delivery system that will make information about upcoming school activities, programs, and events readily available to parents and community members. Peachjar will replace paper flyers distributed by schools and save time and money while also helping reduce waste and being environmentally friendly; to learn more, click here. To further reduce waste while being eco-conscious, the district has discontinued printing flyers but will still distribute information via email and their website.

School Closings

School holidays on the Bleckley County Schools calendar are essential to both students and teachers as a chance to relax, participate in various cultural celebrations, and prepare for the upcoming year. Federal holidays, as well as regional celebrations, often fall on these days – celebrating them is something both students and teachers look forward to with great zeal!

Bleckley County High School, situated in Bleckley County, Georgia, and offering grades 9 through 12, serves a student population of 652 with 48 teachers on staff. Based on its state testing scores and graduation rates, it ranks within the top 50% of Georgia schools – and tops its diversity rating rankings as well.

Bleckley County School District uses Peachjar, an easy and user-friendly digital flyer system, to communicate digital flyers and announcements to its students’ parents. Peachjar provides an effective means of keeping both parents and students informed about activities, programs, events, etc., related to school.

Bleckley County School District is committed to providing its students and families with the highest quality education and the safest learning environment possible. Recently, they earned the 2023 General State Bar Association Exemplary School Board recognition – honoring best practices in governance that foster educational community cultures that advance student learning and achievement. GSBA sets high standards of excellence, including solid and effective leadership, transparent government, and open communications with the community. Bleckley County School Board can take great pride in having met and exceeded these criteria and receiving this honor that showcases its dedication and service towards community service and student learning advancement. This award symbolizes their commitment and dedication towards serving all children in Bleckley County as part of serving all communities and children from across Bleckley County as part of serving them all as they can!


Bleckley County School District offers several breaks throughout its school year that provide students with much-needed downtime to recharge and focus on their studies, such as holidays and school closings. Furthermore, teachers also need time for restful breaks.

Bleckley County High School in Bleckley County, Georgia, serves 652 students and 48 teachers and has been recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as outstanding. Ranked 75th in Georgia’s public high schools by enrollment count, its student body comprises 69% White students (24% Black), 4% Hispanics, and 2% mixed or multiple races with an overall diversity score of 0.47, which falls short of its state average score of 0.70.

This school boasts an 18:1 student/teacher ratio and offers Advanced Placement(r) courses and exams as part of its International Baccalaureate(r) Program membership.

Bleckley County High School may be known for its impressive test scores but is sometimes overlooked when it comes to college readiness. At this free webinar hosted by an admissions officer of an elite university, one will share key strategies and insights into enhancing students’ chances of entrance into top institutions.

Bleckley County Elementary School stands out as a public school located in Bleckley County, Georgia with an outstanding graduation rate of 95% – which exceeds the state average of 84% – as well as an exceptional AP participation rate (26%), minority enrollment of 32%, and overall teacher quality levels (ranks in top 10% of Georgia schools and often compared with Veterans High School), student performance on state-required tests, as well as internationally available exams on college-level coursework performance. It boasts of student success on state tests as well as international exams available internationally on college-level coursework – metrics that measure student performance on state-required tests or exams from internationally available exams on college-level coursework courses taken during each academic year of their enrollment year of attendance (average student performance is 84% for students).