MRE Meals Bulk


MRE meals are used both by military forces and those wanting to prepare themselves in case of disaster. These self-contained, shelf-stable meals provide everything a person would require in an emergency. Select the best mres.

These meals come equipped with flameless ration heaters and include main courses, side dishes, bread, dessert, and powdered beverage mixes – as well as four-digit Julian date codes.

Military Grade

Made for combat situations, Military Grade MREs are by far the best food supply available to our armed forces. Packed with up to 1250 calories per meal – plus snacks, desserts, and beverages, such as tea – each MRE contains it’s own flameless on the heater as well as fortification with essential nutrients – Military Grade MREs also weigh less than their freeze-dried counterparts, so can be eaten they n-the-go without needing access to a kitchen.

Purchase of MREs can be relatively cost-effective when purchased from a reliable vendor. Such vendors often maintain relationships with the Big Three makers of MREs and repackage them for civilian consumption; some even provide non-standard menu options such as breakfast and lunch options.

Army surplus stores also sell MREs at extremely steep prices, providing an edge over other sellers of MREs. Since these stores tend to be located near military bases, this can give them an advantage in selling MREs more competitively. Furthermore, you may even find expired MREs listed for sale on eBay – these can still be consumed if appropriately stored in relaxed, dark storage environments with low moisture levels.

MREs are marked with their date of manufacture using a four-digit Julian code, with each number representing either a month or year. For example, an MRE manufactured on August 365th would bear a code 9365.

MREs typically last 3-4 years when stored properly; however, their shelf life can reach ten years or beyond if adequately handled. They’re easier to transport than freeze-dried food, making MREs an attractive option for emergencies like hurricanes or wildfires. While many purchase MREs for convenience alone, others use them during survival camping and other outdoor activities; typically, an MRE contains main courses (meat, rice, or pasta), side dishes, bread, and dessert in addition to an infrared heater and spoon for optimal use.

Civilian Grade

Stocking up on civilian MRE meals in bulk is an excellent way to be ready for emergencies. They’re perfect for packing in your backpack on any outing, keeping in a 72-hour kit, or having on hand in case of disaster; online stores like The Ready Store sell these products, as do dealers that specialize in military surplus, like Major Surplus & Survival.

MREs were initially developed to provide soldiers with the calories needed to survive in harsh environments for days, weeks, or sometimes even months. Each MRE contains everything a soldier would require in such difficult conditions – heat packs and utensils included! MREs remain popular emergency options today. Civilian MREs tend to offer more comfort foods than their military counterparts.

MREs are designed to keep food warm or cold as needed and can be consumed without electricity or water. Each meal includes beverages, an entree, and dessert, as well as extras such as matches, toilet paper, and salt, though some extras have an expiration date. The entree and dessert will remain fresh well beyond this date.

Eversave and AmeriQual are among the best-known civilian MRE makers, featuring excellent menu selections with drinks and dessert options that match military MREs more closely than Eversave can. Additionally, AmeriQual’s APack meals offer more variety of entrees and a superior dessert selection. Both provide reduced sodium options that make camping healthier.

XMRE provides Kosher and Halal MREs. Additionally, they have introduced their “Blue Line” series, which has stripped-down packaging with reduced calories per entree; however, it should be noted that these entrees resemble military MREs in that they may contain less protein compared to original versions. Whatever brand of MRE you purchase from, make sure it has not expired before eating it to ensure maximum freshness and safety!


Survivalists looking for second-hand MREs on eBay can purchase them, which have been abandoned by the military and found throughout nature. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell whether these MREs are authentic since civilians are banned from purchasing military-grade MREs from any three large packagers; to verify authenticity, simply look for packaging and inspection dates as well as warning labels that state “U.S. Government Property, Resale Is Illegal”.

MREs are designed to supply active soldiers with all of the calories they require while in the field, as well as extras such as mints, coffee, flavored beverages, and toilet paper – some packages even include flameless heaters! Each MRE contains approximately 1,250 calories, making them easy to consume on the go and highly affordable – perfect for stockpiling food should an emergency arise.

MREs are an attractive option for outdoor enthusiasts, offering dense calories while being easily portable and stored in 72-hour kits. MREs can be eaten hot or cold and come with vegetarian, low sodium, and Kosher/Halal varieties available.

An ideal MRE should offer plenty of variety, be nutrient-dense, and be long-lasting. When purchasing these meals from reputable sellers, you will ensure maximum value for your dollar.

While it’s unlikely the federal government will ever need these rations in mass quantities, they make a great addition to any emergency preparedness kit. They’re ideal for keeping in your car or packing in a bug-out bag for emergencies, as well as having options and prices explicitly tailored to you so you can find something suitable. But remember always to double-check their expiration dates!

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