NFC Business Cards


NFC business cards can help your brand to stand out and attract attention, offering an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards. You can customize it with maps of your location or even interactive videos!

Popl offers top-of-the-line NFC business cards with your professional profile and contact information. Their pricing starts at $5 a month; additionally, their Pro plan provides advanced features like click tracking.


Popl is a company that sells digital business cards that use near-field communication (NFC) technology to share contact details, links, and other forms of data quickly and conveniently. Their cards can even be programmed to launch specific apps or websites and include audio recordings making them ideal for business conferences and trade shows.

NFC business cards can also be an effective way of providing maps. This feature lets your clients and customers get directions directly to your store or office quickly, showing professionalism while helping customers locate you rapidly. These durable cards also come with magnetic backs, making them a good investment for businesses.

Popl offers metal business cards to take your digital card game one step further, with sleek black finishes made from premium stainless steel that is ideal for sharing at networking events as they can be personalized with logos and contact information. Furthermore, this card has an elegant badge holder and retractable lanyard to complete the experience.

People still relying on paper business cards should switch to digital solutions. Digital cards offer many advantages over their paper counterparts, including real-time updates and being more durable than paper cards; additionally, they also provide greater privacy than their paper counterparts.


NFC business cards use near-field communication technology to deliver customizable information directly to any smartphone using near-field technology, including links to websites, social media profiles, videos, etc. Furthermore, these cards simplify sharing information with people in a face-to-face meeting – eliminating traditional paper business cards, offering better customer experiences, and helping companies expand faster.

NFC business cards provide creative professionals with a quick and effective way to showcase their work online as part of an online portfolio, making them perfect for photographers, digital artists, and graphic designers looking for new clients or jobs. Nfc cards also save time as recipients don’t need to download apps or open browsers to view content presented through NFC technology.

NFC business card market growth has exploded as businesses recognize its advantages for customer relationships and brand recognition and reduce instances of identity theft. NFC business cards can only be read with phones equipped with NFC readers – this prevents users from losing or misplacing paper cards that could potentially lead to theft.

NFC business cards provide another advantage over traditional paper business cards in that they can be updated more regularly as needed, giving them an edge over outdated information, which often becomes obsolete when they reach distribution. Digital updates take minutes and can be managed from any mobile device, while physical versions must be reprinted – which could take days or weeks!

NFC business cards can be an excellent networking tool but have some downsides. While expensive to produce and print, their usage requires being nearby of those accepting your card for scanning it; and they cannot support personal branding, nor can they automatically launch apps or web pages, which may prove inconvenient for people on limited data plans.


The exchange of contact information is one of the critical components of networking in business. Instead of shuffling through stacks of paper business cards, many professionals are turning to digital business card technology, which allows them to exchange contact information at the touch of a button – it’s a great way to stay organized and update contact details as well as being much more eco-friendly than traditional paper cards!

Mobile offers customized digital business card solutions that allow businesses to connect with customers and clients quickly, including NFC business cards that compatible smartphones can read to display contact info instantly. In addition, users may select from including custom QR codes or direct links in their NFC cards for easier sharing of contacts.

Mobile stands out among several competing NFC digital business card brands as one of the most favored solutions. Boasting customizable NFC products and seamless CRM integration, this digital business card brand makes a powerful tool for businesses of any size – you can even add your company logo for enhanced branding opportunities! Additional features include efficient data management, lead generation capabilities, and a user-friendly app experience.

NFC business cards from our company are designed to be both fashionable and durable, available in materials like metal, bamboo, and plastic, with multiple color variations and options for engraving or embossing for extra elegance. Furthermore, you can select accessories to enhance the experience.

An additional advantage of NFC digital business cards is linking them directly with your social media profiles, making it easier for customers to locate you online and interact with your content. Furthermore, companies provide many customizable NFC business cards that reflect personal and professional brands.


NFC business cards offer a practical and straightforward way to connect with others and share valuable information quickly and efficiently. Scanning them using any NFC-enabled device reveals contact details, social media links, websites, and more – perfect for businesses that wish to modernize their communications while increasing efficiency in processes and tracking leads and metrics.

NFC (near-field communication) allows devices to exchange information within proximity wirelessly. It has become widely utilized for secure access card systems, boarding public transportation services, exchanging contact details, and being integrated into smartwatches and other wearable devices.

Producing NFC business cards is an effortless task that can be accomplished using various techniques. For instance, purchasing an NFC-enabled printer and preprinted cards that work with it enables you to use software programs to add contact info and data about yourself or others; you can then program the card’s NFC chip to launch apps or link websites if desired – perfect for events and trade shows where they may be given out!

Taptok provides NFC business cards to assist professionals and businesses in connecting with physical and digital audiences easily and securely. Their solution allows users to share contact info through a smartphone or computer and integrates seamlessly with social media platforms to quickly share contact data with audiences; furthermore, it monitors performance against audiences and generates reports detailing who has seen mini-pages or posts created through this solution.

Blinq is another top NFC business card provider, offering flexible pricing plans to fit any budget. Their best-in-class business cards feature a professional profile and downloadable app, which can be shared via NFC, SMS, email, or QR code to allow people to easily view your information without downloading a separate app themselves. They also offer tracking team members and CRM integration to help businesses manage their contacts more efficiently.