Nova Launcher Prime Review


Nova launcher Prime is one of the best Android launchers you can use on your phone. It is a launcher that can customize your device in several ways. This includes custom animation, subcategories in the app drawer, and notification badges.


Customization for Nova Launcher Prime is available in a variety of ways. Users can choose wallpaper, create tabs, and customize the app drawer. For instance, users can choose a tab color, change the icons for the charges, or create subcategories in the app drawer.

Nova has a built-in app icon changer. Users can also choose from various icon packs and styles and customize the padding around icons.

The Nova Settings menu has options for the app drawer, including infinite scrolling and the number of apps that can fit. You can also customize the wallpapers and page effects. This launcher also supports customization for gestures and animations.

The “home-screen-spinner” feature allows users to spin through home screens. In addition, users can import layouts from other launchers or create new one.

Notification badges

A great way to save time on your phone is to get notifications you want to see quickly. This is where Nova Launcher comes in. It offers notification badges that can be enabled or disabled.

Notification badges can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be on the bottom-left, top-left, or the top-right of your Android notification. You can also choose to have them be a circle or a dot.

Dynamic Badges came to Nova in the Spring of 2017. These badges use the contents of the notification to determine which badge should be displayed. For example, you can see a dot with a message icon if you have a missed call.

Nova is an Android launcher that allows users to declutter their home screen and quickly open up other apps. In addition, the app supports a Night Mode that keeps your home screen from lighting up at all times.

Subcategories in the app drawer

Having subcategories in the app drawer can help you quickly organize and find your apps. With Nova Launcher Prime, you can do this and more. You can even group similar apps and custom actions.

You first need to enable the tab bar to create a subcategory in the app drawer. This feature is located in the settings menu of Nova Launcher. Using it will allow you to hide specific apps from the app drawer.

Another way to group apps is by creating a folder in the app drawer. You can also add a subcategory on the home screen. The main difference is that you can create a folder on the home screen without using Nova Launcher.

While there are several options to customize your app drawer, you may wonder which is the best. Here are a few features you can use:

One of the most important features is the ability to hide specific apps. You can do this by enabling the Apps> Drawer groups to feature. This option will make it easy to switch between custom actions and icons. It will also help you keep your home screen tidy.

The speed advantage over OEM skins

The speedy Nova Launcher Prime offers a smooth and efficient experience. If you want to make your phone feel new again, look no further. With an array of features, widgets, and themes, you can customize your home screen to your heart’s content. While Nova has flaws, its strengths and weaknesses are many and varied. One of its most excellent perks is maximizing your device’s real estate, which is no small feat on tablets. A plethora of features is a good thing, and the resulting performance is a welcome addition to any Android owner’s toolbox.

While at it, try out the other features available in Nova’s arsenal. These include a handful of customizable home screens and icons, the ability to resize and reposition them, and an array of themes to adorn your phone. Among other features, Nova’s got a full-fledged app drawer and home screen replacement.

App animation

Nova Launcher Prime offers many ways to change the App Animation on your home screen. This includes the speed of transition, how the app icons move, and more.

With Nova Launcher, you can change your app icons’ shape, size, and color. You can mix and match icons from different icon packs to create your personalized look.

In addition to custom icons, you can also set up your home screen by adding widgets. The widgets can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or snap between grid cells.

Using Nova Launcher, you can also set the home screen’s background as blank or wallpaper. This allows you to enjoy the wallpaper without cluttering your home screen.

Alternatively, you can select an icon from the Gallery or create a custom icon. Depending on your choice, you can use the App Icon Changer to change the shape, color, or even the background of the selected icon.