CBSE Schools at Rampally


Searching for an excellent CBSE school for your child can be an exhausting journey, involving consideration of fees, facilities, ratings, and reviews – something made even more complex in cities such as Rampally.

Jubilee Hills Education Society has over 35 years of experience and boasts one of the finest infrastructures, comparable to international schools but at fees equal to local ones.

Jubilee Hills Public School – Rampally

Jubilee Hills Public School at Rampally in Hyderabad is one of the premier CBSE schools. Their goal is to offer high-quality education at an affordable price to middle-class families. Their student-teacher ratio is low, so each child receives personal attention from teachers. Furthermore, there is also an extensive library and computer lab on this campus.

This school enjoys an excellent reputation among parents and is situated in a safe area. Teachers at this school are highly qualified and experienced; its commitment to student safety is strong; furthermore, an accrediting body has accredited it, ensuring it fulfills specific standards of excellence.

This co-educational school opened its doors in 2016 and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Situated in Dayara village of Keesara Mandal and offering modern amenities on an expansive campus, Dayara International School emphasizes holistic learning whereby its students develop both academic and co-scholastic abilities.

Recent TIMES rankings gave our school top marks across several categories thanks to the hard work of both staff and students. One proud moment for us was Chiterj Sai’s win of an INSPIRE MANAK award with his clever cable plow design, which can aid farmers with minimal time and labor requirements.

One of the critical factors when selecting a school is its student-teacher ratio. A lower ratio can help your child learn more effectively, while smaller schools often provide more extracurricular activities and programs for participation. Before making your choice, be sure to research its reputation thoroughly by speaking to former and current students as well.

Jubilee Hills Public School – Keesara

The school firmly believes in equipping its students with the skills needed for success in real life, so it emphasizes holistic learning along with academic excellence. This can be accomplished by integrating various subjects into its curriculum and offering extracurricular activities; additionally, it aims to nurture communicative, creative, and sporting abilities as well as boost confidence levels within its students. Located within Co-Educational Day Schools of CBSE affiliation.

The School has demonstrated its dedication to offering top-quality education by receiving multiple accolades, such as an ‘Excellence’ rating from Education World Magazine for teaching pedagogy and student achievement.

Students of this school have received many prestigious awards on both state and national levels. Furthermore, it has become known for its innovative programs, including its annual Ideas to Innovate competition, where students present their ideas to judges before competing with other schools for prizes.

The school, located in Hyderabad’s central business district, boasts an array of facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, sports courts, and a full-service cafeteria. Furthermore, its comprehensive academic program is suitable for grades K-5 students, while extracurricular activities such as dance and music classes are also provided at this campus.

Furthermore, the school provides free bus service to students living within three kilometers of its campus. Moreover, it features an excellent library and computer lab stocked with books, magazines, and audio-visual materials for student use; as well as dedicated staff to assist those students who may require special care services.

The school offers an easy application process and accepts online payments. Applicants should provide copies of their valid ID, recent passport-sized photos, and proof of address, as well as sign a declaration to adhere to its rules and regulations. Candidates interested in enrolling may either apply through its website or contact its admissions department directly.

Jubilee Hills Public School – Ameerpet

Jubilee Hills, situated at the center of Hyderabad, is home to some of the finest schools. These institutions provide an array of education programs – from traditional Indian to Montessori and international studies – as well as extracurricular activities that encourage talent development in their students. Many also boast outstanding facilities and staff members.

This school boasts an exceptional student-teacher ratio of 1:17 and offers multiple e-teaching modules. Furthermore, its focus on social-emotional learning has earned the school recognition from its community for its outstanding service. Overall, this school makes an excellent choice for parents seeking an exceptional education in a safe environment.

In 2022, our school was honored with the Brain Feed School Excellence Award from Sri A. Murali Mukund on behalf of Brain Feed International to recognize its efforts at nurturing young minds. The award was presented at our School Campus on 9 March by Sri Mukund, and various organizations and media outlets have acknowledged our contribution in education.

These schools typically provide several curricula to choose from, including CBSE and ICSE, while also taking an internationalized approach to learning. If you’re considering enrolling your child, finding suitable property near the school will ensure he/she will enjoy a safe, welcoming home environment.

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Jubilee Hills Public School – Rangareddi

Jubilee Hills Public School is one of Hyderabad’s finest schools, boasting a campus spanning six acres in the center of Jubilee Hills and providing an uplifting learning environment for its students. JHPS excels at both education and sports instruction for its pupils – its unique teaching methods enable pupils to grasp concepts both theoretically and through direct experience, making learning more straightforward for all involved.

This school boasts modern facilities and an atmosphere designed to facilitate fast learning. With indoor and outdoor sports facilities as well as medical, canteen, and library services available on campus; multiple classrooms devoted to English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and social sciences as well as atal lab facilities including tab lab, 3D Lab, and Atal Lab facilities available, this facility allows students to focus easily and learn quickly. Furthermore, internet is provided free to the students.

As part of its extracurricular offerings, this school offers art and music activities for its students. Students may join the National Cadet Corps as well as various clubs such as the literary club or science club. Furthermore, academic competitions are hosted throughout the year.

Since 1986, this school has been affiliated with CBSE and offers education up to class 12. With its excellent track record and staff of 120 staffers, it is one of India’s premier schools for providing top-quality education.

The curriculum at our school aims to foster students’ innate curiosity while simultaneously preparing them for life in a global society by building community connections and cultivating service activities. Furthermore, gym classes, dance lessons, and yoga lessons help promote a healthy lifestyle for our pupils.

In September 2021, excitement filled the school when Vinayak Bharadwaj and Mohak Dugar from Grade IX stood first in the Preliminary Round of the Fit India Quiz before proceeding to win its State Championship title.

The school offers various educational programs, such as the International Baccalaureate Programme. CBSE boards approved textbooks for primary section use, while secondary students followed structured syllabuses. Extra-curricular activities, including school bands, encourage student involvement in socially responsible initiatives.