Steps to make A Band Mailing List Job Like Digital Telepathy!


On this page, I would like to show you how one can use your band mailing list to generate sales and be a good income, without being a total troll along with pissing everyone off.

It is rather simple and it’s all about the moment and learning the three varieties of emails that let you force your music to a maximum effect. We are going to use an Autoresponder for this and when you don’t know what that is read my blog post at the end of this short article which explains everything.

Therefore anyway once you have your Email marketing set up it can be hard to understand what to write to your followers, and I’m going to suggest that you choose your focus to create a relationship with them whilst letting them know that your songs are available to buy if they need it. (The golden rule would be to never be pushy. )

The three most common fan email messages you will be sending are the following…

Email 1 – Hard Sell

The hard sell noise is aggressive but it implies that the whole goal of the e-mail is to inform your followers that your music is available after which ask them to follow a link to the idea.

You don’t have to be cheesy regarding this. You just need to let them be aware that you have been working hard on your record and if they are similar to what you are doing they might also love to get their hands on the latest work. That way you are doing these people a favor by permitting them to know about something cool, instead of9124 trying to line your pouches every time you speak to them.

I like to recommend that you send a hard-will-sell email first so that the brand-new fans know that you are focused on what you are doing, and then will include a cliffhanger that leaves these people excited about your next email.

Keep the tone nice and light, consider something like this to finish your first meaning…

“So now you know which you could spend all your hard-earned money on this music

For the most successful Shows like LOST, for instance, be aware that leaving a cliffhanger is a lot like crack for the fans plus it works great for emails way too. If you don’t feel comfortable with introducing your own personal sales page in the first electronic mail feel free to wait a little while. I am just letting you know what works personally.

Email 2 – Typically the Soft Sell

This is a meaning that combines some written content (like news about a brand-new song or an upcoming show) and then transitions into permitting them to know that they can also get something that may be related. It is cool because it means that a person does so many hard market emails. You are just offering the “buy now” hyperlink if they are in the mood.

In ways something like this…

“Hey Bob

I would like to let you know we have been occupied working on the new album during the last few weeks and I can now provide you with an exclusive listen to our brand new single and a video of people playing it live in the Roxy last week.

[Link here]

We are only giving this particular to the hardcore fans within the mailing list so please don’t move this around for now… it can just be for you

If you are among the people who have been emailing requesting how to download the actual album we have made ten “Early Bird” copies accessible here:

[Link to download page]

(I’m sorry if they happen to be all gone when you make it happen. )

All proceeds from our recordings go back to the music group in the hope we can provide more and more value to the lovers.

I’d love to hear the things you think of our new items…


This is not a big sales pitch and you will get little or no complaint from people about just providing the link.

Email address 3 – Content (Be Santa Clause! )

You possibly can email is the one that you might send most to your lovers and simply contains a link to one thing cool you have done that can make them think “I fu@%ing love these guys! ”

Quite simply in your content emails, you intend to try and be like Santa Position and make your fans energized to hear from you every time. No one is ever upset to check on Santa because he/she gives us great games for free.

So get gay and practice your ho ho ho…

Pretty soon lovers will start leaving milk and also cookies in your PayPal consideration

The Email Sequence

I would suggest that you simply test the following timings to your emails. Remember that each email list is different and you will need to check which sequence of e-mails works best for your people.

Day 1 – Hard easily sell
Day 2 – Delicate sell
Day 3 – Content
Day 4 – Content
Day 5 – Soft sell
Day 6- Content
Day 7- Content
Day8 – Hard sell
Day 9 – Soft easily sell
Day 10 – Information
Day 11 – Information
Day 12 – Information
Day 13 – Information
Day 14 – Information

You might also want to skip a couple of if you think it will piss off your fans to hear from you regularly. But to be honest it will solely annoy people if you mail them crap because no one would turn down cool free-of-charge stuff in the mail every single day.

You will notice that toward the final of the sequence I include a lot of content emails which is certainly because there might be a strange person who is offended simply by you trying to sell anything at all and stay considering leaving your checklist. This period of great articles will keep most people happy.

Incidentally, I think that it’s total hokum that musicians have to sense shame about trying to sell their particular stuff. I don’t know some other profession in the world where you are anticipated to just do it for the adore of it for your whole life rather than try to make it your job.

Attempt to get your bank manager to be effective for free… GOOD LUCK!

So your action point for today and also this week is to write 18 follow-up emails to your lovers that will go out throughout a couple of weeks building a relationship in addition to selling your music in a very cool way automatically.

In the event, you make great stuff you deserve to get paid, tend o undersell yourself.

Digital Telepathy?

Once you have completed your first 18-day email cycle you intend to track which emails usually are most effective then write a different 14-day follow-up in addition to using what you have learned.

It’s this that I call “Digital Telepathy” because the more you see what their fans respond to, the more you could give it to them in a continual and never-ending feedback trap.

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