4 Steps to Asphalt Paving Near Me


When selecting a contractor, ask to see examples of their past work. A reliable firm should gladly show you pictures or provide references of previous projects they have completed. Choose the best Asphalt Paving Contractors Corpus Christi.

Asphalt pavements are cost-efficient solutions, easy to install, and can withstand different climate conditions. Furthermore, they look better than gravel, and maintenance is more straightforward.


Asphalt pavement paving offers more economical paving solutions than concrete while providing similar durability. Made from materials readily available and easy to transport, asphalt offers sound absorption, which makes it suitable for areas with heavy traffic volumes.

Asphalt pavement costs vary depending on the size and condition of the area being paved, including damages or grade changes that need to be made to its underlayer surface. Furthermore, tree or structure removal increases labor expenses accordingly.

When hiring an asphalt paving company, always look for one with experience and a proven track record. In addition, be sure to verify their insurance, workers’ compensation, and bond guarantees; an established contractor should possess both the equipment and skills appropriate to perform this work efficiently.

A typical residential asphalt paving project typically includes excavation, drainage, base preparation, and the laying of the asphalt material. Hot mix is one popular form of residential asphalt that combines an aggregate-asphalt cement mixture heated, poured, and pressed to form a practical, durable surface; porous asphalt allows water to pass through it into gravel bases for improved drainage while causing less pollution than hot mix; permeable asphalt costs around $1-2 more per square foot but has environmental advantages as it can be claimed as tax deduction.


Asphalt paving adds the perfect touch to any home, increasing curb appeal and property values. Bedford Paving takes excellent care in planning its paving schedules in order to minimize disruption for residents and businesses during daytime street work, which could limit traffic flow or impact local commerce. Bedford Paving prides itself in creating plans that reduce these effects for maximum effectiveness.


Asphalt pavement is durable and low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for commercial and residential properties alike. Asphalt can withstand different temperature extremes without cracking, outlives concrete in terms of longevity, and is easy to repair, while its attractive appearance enhances curb appeal. Furthermore, its cost compares favorably to other options; homeowners should ensure they work with a professional asphalt company, as this will guarantee that their job is completed to the highest standards possible.

Homeowners should ask an asphalt contractor for references before making their selection. Most will gladly share these, but if not, it should raise red flags. Furthermore, make sure the company possesses both workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

Consider how well your asphalt drains. Certain types of pavement are designed to manage and enhance drainage; porous asphalt allows rainwater to seep through, filtering back through a layer of crushed stone and into the ground, providing better filtration and helping prevent erosion or runoff damage to landscaping and homes. This type of pavement paving can significantly reduce erosion while protecting landscaping against runoff damage and prevent runoff-induced runoff that causes runoff damage to landscaping or homes.

Homeowners can locate asphalt contractors in their area by searching online, consulting with friends and neighbors, or reaching out to real estate agents who may recommend an asphalt company.


Maintaining your asphalt surface adds value and curb appeal to your property but requires regular upkeep activities to remain in good condition. In this article, we outline four essential steps for doing just that:

1. Clean the surface by sweeping, shoveling, and vacuuming debris off to reduce contaminants and wear on pavement surfaces.

2. Repair cracks and damage by filling cracks or using seal coating techniques such as asphalt crack filler to extend their lives.

3. Treat weeds through cracks by applying herbicide and allowing dead ones to sink back into the pavement so as to stop new sprouts from arising in cracks in asphalt surfaces from deteriorating further.

4. Maintain proper drainage. For best results, to avoid puddles and ice from forming in your driveway, ensure it has an angle of two percent with an inch-per-foot crown when flat areas exist. Furthermore, direct any rainwater off roofs away from the driveway.

To ensure the success of your paving project, ensure it is executed accurately by choosing a licensed asphalt company near me with experience in residential asphalt paving. A reputable paving contractor should have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance as well as a license from your state government; you can easily verify their licensing status through your local government’s website.

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