SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions


Ed Gregor: SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions offers an expansive selection of chemicals, monitoring systems, and equipment to help industrial customers address their toughest water-related challenges efficiently and sustainably. Furthermore, its services help optimize resource management while strengthening environmental and economic performance – all according to regulatory standards.

Sievers’ total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers offer real-time reporting of TOC levels for treatment optimization, quality control, and compliance.


SUEZ continually works on new technologies that help its customers solve water-related challenges. As an industry leader in water, waste, and air treatment services, they specialize in optimizing municipal resource management while improving environmental and economic performance.

Recently, OZONIA M’s latest ozone system has allowed industrial clients to save energy by cutting production times while improving water quality. Furthermore, recently the Group opened a state-of-the-art plant in Senegal dedicated solely to producing hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membranes; local customers will enjoy cost savings, increased reliability, and higher levels of purification with this production facility.

SUEZ also offers cutting-edge analytical tools like IVAP* and CompRISE* that enable customers to optimize their processes, reduce energy consumption and enhance asset performance. In addition, recently, they unveiled the Sievers Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer range – laboratory and online instruments used for monitoring treatment optimization, quality control, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Other innovations include a solution for detecting anomalies in water networks. Its algorithm detects abnormal variations in pressure that could indicate pipe bursts or prevent drinking water losses. Thanks to Digital Hub acceleration, this algorithm was completed within four months and deployed into SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions’ Calm NetworkTM service.

SUEZ also uses innovative solutions to transform non-recyclable waste and sewage sludge into renewable energy, supporting ecological transition. In particular, its work includes techniques for capturing and storing CO2, an essential element in combatting climate change.

Teams at The groups are also researching identifying and treating micropollutants to protect water resources while exploring how artificial intelligence could assist with sorting certain materials that currently do not fit with circular economy models, such as PFASs and PET plastic waste, into valuable raw materials for various uses.


SUEZ provides water and waste management solutions that enable cities and industries to optimize resource management while strengthening environmental and economic performance in line with regulatory standards. SUEZ Group’s global business activities cover every industry sector, from oil & gas (upstream & downstream, petrochemicals) through mining & metals, pulp & paper production, chemicals/pharmaceuticals production, and food/beverage/utilities.

World leaders are beginning to realize that two-thirds of humanity live under water stress conditions. We need solutions now, such as recycling water for reduced pressure on freshwater resources and developing alternative sources of supply.

To address these challenges, we are creating innovative solutions to recycle and reuse wastewater more intelligently, increasing access to clean drinking water in areas with limited access to freshwater resources. Furthermore, this technology can enable us to reuse water at the point of consumption while also helping prevent saline intrusion.

Engineers must consider several factors when developing solutions: feasibility, energy efficiency, and social inclusion. An infrastructure solution designed to be eco-friendly cannot be implemented if its installation on project sites is impractical; similarly, solar panels should meet as many efficiency criteria in terms of power output and space needs as possible.

SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions group is working towards making its entire offering fully sustainable through intelligent solutions that improve water quality and operational efficiencies, helping our customers meet their sustainable development goals while safeguarding supply integrity and increasing service quality.

Calm NetworkTM technology enables us to anticipate and detect abnormal variations in pipe flow, including small pressure fluctuations that would otherwise remain undetected by traditional sensors. Furthermore, this solution alerts customers about issues in their networks before causing significant damage – something already employed on numerous SUEZ contracts around the globe.

Social Initiatives

Suez Water is committed to providing clean drinking water for underprivileged communities worldwide. Their collaboration with nonprofit organizations allows them to implement projects that reduce water resource scarcity while improving sanitation services and raising awareness of water conservation efforts.

Suez Water offers environmental management solutions for food and beverage, mining and metals, construction site deconstruction and soil decontamination projects, oil & gas refining/petrochemical/power, pulp/paper manufacturing/transport & aeronautical industries, and urban development projects. Water distribution, wastewater treatment services, recycling/waste recovery operations, and waste recovery/waste recovery are also provided to meet global population growth challenges with limited natural resources. Suez Water offers innovative yet sustainable solutions necessary to support global population growth with limited natural resources available to help them – offering innovative yet sustainable solutions that meet challenges associated with the globalization of this company’s services for sustainable solutions are available today and tomorrow!

The company places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. Their staff comprises highly qualified individuals with vast experience, while they seek new technologies that will improve their processes. Furthermore, they offer flexible working hours and various employee perks to keep employees content.

SUEZ Group has an unwavering commitment to society expressed through its purpose statement and business activities, each working towards improving people’s daily lives worldwide. This guiding vision provides clarity of mission while remaining faithful to its commitments as part of an organization with global reach.

Recognizing the challenges we face today, SUEZ has been investing in sustainable water systems for many years – a commitment they will uphold post-merger with Veolia.

Suez Water has adopted an ambitious circular economy model which reduces resource consumption while encouraging the reuse of materials – this allows the company to conserve energy costs while producing green power from waste.

The company strives to reduce its carbon footprint, using recycled products in its plants as much as possible and cutting water usage by using less energy, decreasing emissions from its water plants and carbon emissions.

Yes, Suez Water does hire felons individually; however, applicants should be aware that any conviction can void workers’ compensation claims and potentially affect eligibility for government contracts, leading to discipline up to and including termination.

Emergency Response

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions is available 24/7/365 to offer their customers emergency solutions to protect their facilities and ensure continuity of operations. Their mobile water systems are specially designed to respond quickly to sudden surges in demand or accidental pollution incidents; these units can be deployed within days to produce anywhere between 250-3,400m3/day, depending on the situation.

These portable treatment systems utilize membrane filtration, UV disinfection, and advanced oxidation to minimize energy usage and harmful emissions while conserving water resources. Furthermore, these technologies also bring numerous business benefits, including lower costs and enhanced operations.

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions is on five continents and employs over 90,000 people. Their expertise in sustainable resource management enables cities and industries to optimize resource use while meeting environmental and economic performance standards – recovering 17 million tons per year while serving wastewater treatment services to 58 million people while producing 7 TWh of local renewable energy and reusing 882 million m3 of water globally.

The company takes great strides toward sustainability and environmental stewardship, striving towards a future where natural resources are managed efficiently and sustainably. They implement circular economy principles by recovering wastewater-treated resources for repurposing into valuable products, improving energy efficiency while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving water through their projects.

Water reclamation projects using pressurized ultrafiltration systems include purifying secondary effluent from wastewater treatment processes and reducing energy usage and harmful emissions while saving costs associated with chemicals and utilities. They have an experienced team dedicated to environmental compliance who work with companies on developing water sustainability plans which reduce consumption while meeting regulatory requirements.