The Car Popper System


The car popper is a custom system that allows you to open your door with a button inside the cabin without removing the door handle. These systems typically consist of brackets, pull cables, relays, and solenoids that are installed in the door jam and connect to the existing internal door handle mechanism to pop open the door essentially. The system also usually includes a remote module to activate the relay that sends direct power to the solenoid inside the door.

NORTH MIAMI — Nearly a dozen shots were fired in the middle of the interstate in North Miami in what police say was a road rage incident. It happened last June on I-95 in the morning rush hour. Investigators say 30-year-old Eric Popper cut off another driver, and the other driver started tailgating him and honking his horn at him. That’s when Popper pulled out his gun. Police say he shot through his windshield and window at the other vehicle. No one was injured.

He turned himself into FHP and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. But his attorney claims he was acting in self-defense. He says the other driver claimed he threw a water bottle at his client’s car but that it actually sounded like gunfire. He says the video evidence exonerates his client. NBC 6 viewed the dashcam video that shows the entire event. FHP tallied 11 shots that hit the other driver’s vehicle.