Vitamin supplements – What Supplement Organizations Don’t Want You To Realize Pt 1


When I was a little Hulkster, I remember Hulk Hogan telling me through his audio cassette installed with my Hulkimaniac strength training set (complete with a cartel with Hulk Hogan performing its exercises and two glowing blue 3lb weights) that I required to work hard, take my nutritional vitamins, and say my praying.

So, of course, I did.

I took my Flintstones vitamins every day, then managed to graduate to Centrum as a young. For much of my adult life, I took numerous brands of synthetic vitamins for various reasons.

Did We get any benefit? non-e that I could notice. However, biology says…. if anything at all, I did more harm compared to good. Here’s why.

Things I didn’t know is that I had been, at best, urinating out dozens of vitamins and, at worst, causing nutrient deficiencies and cellular damage.

There are a few things about artificial and isolated vitamins that supplement companies wouldn’t like you to know. And I am about to tell you.

However, this particular subject is a pretty large one. So I’m going to need to break it up into several posts. This post is about what “isolates” are and one of the reasons why they are not necessarily good for us.

But first, Let me introduce you to…

Nature’s Matrix

****For the sake of brevity, I’m going to refer to vitamins, nutrients, phytochemicals, and the thousands of different micro-nutrients available collectively as “micro-nutrients”. ****

Nature is brilliant. And also, the more I learn about nutrients and foods, the more I realize how to start.

If only the people who make synthetic vitamins and drink supplements had the same prospect.

In mother nature, the various micro-nutrients work with the other – and sometimes against the other.

I call this Natural Infinite Matrix.

Nature’s rapid because it belongs to Nature

Limitless – because scientists preserve discovering more nutrients and properties all the time, and the breakthrough discovery doesn’t seem to be slowing down

Matrix – because the relationship involving these nutrients is much interconnected

So Nature previously worked hard to package nutritional requirements in different combinations in different varieties of food.

Tomatoes, carrots, him, nuts, etc …

You Claim Tomato – I Say Sure, Please!

The reason a tomato is so good for you isn’t just mainly because it has lycopene. It’s most effective for you because of the approximately 10 000 different micro-nutrients it is made up of that support your body’s ability to assimilate and use lycopene while providing other positive aspects.

But what will you find they offer in a supplement store, or maybe see ads on the internet or in magazines? Lycopene within pill form. In a container.

What Are Isolates?

When health supplement companies create a pill or even supplement with single nutrition, or a few others tossed in for various purposes, that is called an “isolate”.

Since the nutrient they are selling a person is isolated from other substances that it naturally happens with and then concentrated.

Therefore what’s wrong with that?

Well, unless, of course, that lycopene supplement is an actual food-derived health supplement, it has been stripped of all the co-factors.

Co-Factors And Close friends

Think of co-factors as buddies. Just like your friend can help you move your couch, co-factors in food all assist each other get assimilated and to good use in the body.

So if your friend does not show up to help you move your couch, that job will be pretty tough. You might be in a position to shimmy it out of your location and up and down several flights of stairs. However, it would be easier if your friend helped you, correct?

It’s the same for nutritional requirements. When their natural co-factors are missing… they have a challenging time doing their work opportunities.

Sometimes they can’t do their very own jobs at all.

This is why the best long-term option, when it comes to nutrients, is having whole organic foods along with utilizing herbs.

Eating fresh organic food the way mother nature intended is the only way your body will entirely recognize and assimilate nutritional requirements and keep you healthy.

Using edible herbal products may magnify the effects of sound, naturally healthy food.

Some very good medical professionals understand this and will place you in the direction of food-structured vitamins. When I have a referrer for one that I trust, I will certainly let you know about them.

So Why Would Product Companies Sell Something That Good For You?

I don’t wish for00 that because I am clueless about what those people are thinking.

They probably don’t understand how our bodies interact with food and other substances. Maybe they have the top of intentions. Maybe these kinds are just good business people who have to know how to make a lot of money.

But you may be asking yourself, what I know is that there is a popular and proven marketing method referred to as “segmentation. ”

Segmentation appertains to the practice of creating a business line to tap into varying revenue potentials within a specific marketplace or niche.

And by revenue potential, I mean your — and my – determination to spend our hard-earned money.

Minerals and vitamins provide a nearly infinite chance for segmentation for a very large marketplace: people who will believe somebody is telling them that nutritional vitamins are what they need.

When you attend a health food store or some other place that carries minerals and vitamins, you’ll find shelves and racks of bottles of calcium mineral, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and so on.. the list goes on and on.

There is always a piece in a healthy living magazine, on some TV or radio show, that talks about a few single nutrients in response to something.

So there is everlasting and consistent marketing of those micro-nutrients from people who do not understand how the body interacts with food. Or avoid care.

(I’m biting the tongue here regarding the values of both the manufacturers and the promoters. )

Marketing lots of different vitamins and minerals is an ENORMOUS cash cow.

H. Oughout. G. E.

So what can occur when taking a separated – or worse — synthesized vitamin, mineral, or maybe another micro-nutrient supplement?

However, the sky is the limitation. A lot can go wrong.

For instance, you are just wasting your money and urinating out those chemicals and never getting to the street to address the root of the problem you will be trying to solve and stopping other nutrients from assimilating and damaging your cells… it goes on.

I will cover more of this in the forthcoming article.

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