Warehouse Temp Agencies – How They Can Help


Warehouses need skilled workers in order to keep pace with consumer demand and e-commerce growth, and temp agencies can help provide qualified warehouse employees to fulfill temporary workforce requirements. Please find the best warehouse staffing agencies near me.

Utilizing a temp agency can save money by cutting costs associated with posting help-wanted ads, screening applicants, and processing payroll and HR paperwork yourself. Most temp agencies charge businesses a percentage of workers’ wages as an agency fee.

1. Flexibility

Warehousing can be an ideal career move for those seeking a change of industries or workplace environments or looking to begin or advance a new one. Warehouse positions tend to offer flexible schedules that can fit your needs while providing stable income sources. Staffing agencies can assist you in finding an ideal warehouse job based on your skills and interests.

Partnership with a warehouse temp agency is an effective way to ensure you always have access to strong workers. These agencies handle much of the administrative work involved with finding candidates, including creating help-wanted ads, screening applicants, and verifying skills. They charge a fee usually calculated as a percentage of each temporary employee’s pay, making their services more affordable than hiring permanent employees while quickly providing workers for seasonal or special projects.

2. Speed

Staffing firms offer an invaluable advantage when it comes to hiring warehouse workers: speed. Staffing firms already have top talent vetted and ready for you as soon as you need them, which helps maintain adequate staffing levels even during peak seasons or special projects. Furthermore, your recruiting partner can quickly handle payroll expenses and workers’ compensation claims, which relieves your team of a major burden—something that cannot be accomplished when trying to do it on your own.

LG Staffing’s local offices in Utah and Pennsylvania, as well as its partners across the continental U.S., can meet all your manufacturing and light industrial staffing needs, including temp-to-hire, direct hire, or permanent placement jobs.

3. Cost

As a business owner, you understand the costs associated with hiring full-time employees can be steep. By teaming up with a warehouse staffing agency instead, however, some of those costs are significantly reduced. For instance, they will handle everything from placing help-wanted ads and screening applicants through payroll expenses and workers’ comp insurance for temporary workers at your company—saving administrative and HR teams the hassle and burden.

Warehouse temp agencies also often offer benefits to the temporary workers they place with you – another cost-cutting measure, as benefits can become very expensive for companies when dealing with multiple employees at once.

Travel staffing companies like PMG Services can find short-term assignments in warehouse positions such as pickers, packers, inventory specialists, and travel staffing specialists. PMG can even place you in jobs that involve traveling across the country with all travel and housing expenses covered. For more information, visit their website here or search GigSmart’s database of local warehouse workers to connect with individuals looking for work at your company.