Avant Schools of Excellence


Avant Schools of Excellence are dedicated to excellence, equity, and empathy in education with an emphasis on family involvement. Their schools help students reach their academic goals while offering a safe and nurturing environment; family-school partnerships enhance community improvement; positive work environments foster increased staff morale, and job security is boosted within each one; there are various programs offered that facilitate student success.

Gifted Education

Gifted education is tailored to children who display exceptional intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capabilities that require special instruction. Such instruction typically involves enrichment or acceleration courses while remaining in chronological age grades, special project assignments and activities, as well as personalized consultation from gifted teachers in developing projects to stretch them creatively and challenge them intellectually.

Bright children often become disengaged with traditional curriculums. They find the subject matter too easy, while social interaction between their peers may not meet emotional well-being needs. Educators and parents can address this concern by encouraging friendships among gifted children and also offering educational experiences like summer camps or weekend workshops, which allow children to discover what interests them the most.

Gifted children typically benefit from receiving education through school districts, local education agencies (LEAs), or private institutions that specifically meet their needs. While traditional classrooms may still exist for these learners, classes with students of similar ability levels will be chosen so as to enhance learning experiences. Furthermore, gifted students may participate in academic competitions as well as extracurricular activities like debate, chess, or science clubs for a complete educational experience.

Gifted students may become disengaged and frustrated in environments that do not appropriately challenge them, often having difficulty focusing on grade-level material and being unable to complete assignments on time, leading them down a path toward behavioral issues and behavioral disruptions.

Teachers of gifted and talented students require special training in the techniques and materials used to instruct these learners. Basic training must consist of at least 60 hours, plus additional advanced and overseas sessions; additionally, teachers are expected to develop an intimate knowledge of gifted student characteristics and needs.

Budgetary constraints and standards-based policies prevent some gifted students from receiving the education they require, leading many families to homeschool their gifted children instead. Avant Schools of Excellence educators specialize in providing appropriate individualized education for talented students.

Performing Arts

Avant schools of excellence provide their students with various performing arts experiences. These opportunities, whether a theatre production or dance recital, allow students to showcase their talents in a professional environment while building both pride in their achievements and self-confidence.

Amirah “Amy” Sackett began dancing at En Avant Dance Studio when she was four. Over her tenure there, she participated in multiple stage and ballet productions as well as professional recitals of dance recitals, which gave her a strong foundation from which to launch a career in dance.

Karin Mosel hails from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She began dancing at En Avant Studio before continuing through high school program studies. Additionally, she studied dance at Minnesota Ballet Duluth and Minneapolis’ Minnesota Dance Theater studios before looking further at Belhaven University Jackson, Mississippi, where she graduated with honors with a BFA in Dance degree. Now residing in Minneapolis, she currently performs as part of the Alternative Motion Project Company Artist team.

Rolana Smith is a wife, mother, and teacher who adores working with kids! As a student at En Avant for ten years and then teaching various classes there herself since then, she continues training and choreographing there as well as working directly with children and youth in multiple capacities.

Avant’s acoustical team has enjoyed being part of several high school projects, such as Grain Valley High School Music Campus, Liberty High School’s new Performing Arts Center, and Wichita Southeast High School’s renovation.


Avant schools of excellence provide top-tier education to children from kindergarten through grade 12 within a safe environment, emphasizing excellence, equity, and empathy as core values. Promoting positivity throughout all aspects of the school community and providing students access to after-school activities that help keep them on track academically are also vital components. Cognia-accredited colleges and universities allow students to take advantage of federal grants and other programs while receiving higher education benefits from accredited schools. Furthermore, they provide unique learning experiences through field trips and activities. The Kings Boys Group is one such program that helps male students develop self-esteem and confidence. Their students often achieve exceptional results that are recognized both by school administrators and in their communities; they’re immensely proud of these accomplishments and strive hard to foster an upbeat environment within their program.


Avant Schools of Excellence create an encouraging and enriching learning environment that supports all their students’ growth. Their employee and team members are encouraged to become leaders both inside and outside of the classroom, providing invaluable community involvement opportunities that improve student academic performance as well as build stronger family-school bonds.

Some of their programs include King Boys Group- Mentor Group for 3rd-5th grade boys that provides a structured environment to teach about responsibility and significance in life; MLMPI Preparatory Academy # 4- A Digital Learning Environment that allows students to accelerate credits through virtual instruction while spending up to 2 full days each week with trained MLMP Mentors;

Parents seeking admission should get in touch with the admissions department of any private school they’re interested in for details on the application process. Most private schools set an application deadline at the start of every calendar year, and applicants should come prepared with transcripts, test scores, and any required documents such as transcripts/test scores/documents, etc. Some private schools may even require interviews/auditions/interviews as part of the application process; tuition can range between $16,000-$18,000 annually, depending on school location.