Valia Clothing Reviews


If you’re looking for the perfect pair of women’s trousers, you’ve probably come across Valia Clothing. The brand is an Australian favorite, with designs that give women confidence and comfort. Its size chart is a useful guide, although some styles tend to run smaller than the measurements suggested. If you’re interested in finding a pair of Valia trousers or skirts, one of the leading stockists in Australia is Earth to live. You can call them on 1300 012 484 to get more information.

Size chart

The size chart for Valia clothing is a great resource when purchasing a new style. The brand’s Australian-made designs give women confidence and comfort in their clothing. However, as with any brand, the sizes shown on the size chart are indicative only, and some styles run smaller. To ensure you get the correct size, call the company’s main stockist, Earth to Life, at 1300 012 484.


The Australian brand Valia is renowned for its incredibly comfortable and fashionable clothing. Made from super-fine Australian Merino wool, Valia garments give women a sense of confidence and comfort that they will cherish for many years. The brand proudly manufactures all of its products in Australia and encourages women to cultivate a wearable, stylish look. Its collections are perfect for all seasons and body types.


Designed in Australia, Valia clothing offers comfort and confidence in its designs. Size charts are provided for reference only, and some styles may run smaller or larger than listed. Contact a leading stockist, Earth to Life, for more information. Call 1300 012 484 for a free sample or to enquire. Valia is sold exclusively at Earth to Life, an online store and retail outlet in Sydney, Australia.

The fabrics for Valia clothing are ethically sourced and made in Australia. The brand makes its clothing from sustainable natural fibers. The brand’s clothing is easy to maintain, making it environmentally friendly. Many Valia garments are machine washable. They’re also designed to be lightweight and easy to wear. No matter your style, you’ll be happy with the price tag. Valia’s clothing is priced between $40 and $60.


You can find a great variety of beautiful, affordable women’s fashions in Hawaii at Valia Honolulu. Their clothing is made from high-quality Merino wool and is designed for travel and adaptability to the seasons. In addition, they work with non-profit organizations to promote local communities. This is just one example of how Valia is supporting local businesses and helping to promote the island’s economy.

A Valia top features a round collar, wide elbow-length sleeves, and a medium-weight cotton jersey with raw seams. Made in Melbourne, Australia, Valia clothing is ethically sourced and made using sustainable natural yarns and fabrics. A Valia jacket with patch pockets complements the Nomad pants perfectly. You can even use Valia’s clothing as a travel bag! Valia clothing is easy to care for and rolls up small when you aren’t wearing it.


If you’re interested in buying sustainable clothes that last for years, try Valia. This Australian clothing brand was created in Australia, and its fabrics are sustainable, organic cotton and Australian ultra-fine merino wool. And because Valia’s clothing is so easy to wash, you can’t go wrong. And you’ll feel great wearing it, too. Read on to learn more about the Value of Valia clothing. And don’t forget to shop around before you buy!

The Valia top features a cuffed round collar and elbow-length sleeves. The top is made of a comfortable, soft cotton jersey with raw seams. The Valia jacket has patch pockets and matches the Nomad pant’s back. This is an ideal piece for warm weather and travel. And because Valia’s fabrics are eco-friendly, you can wear them all year long. And Valia clothing is so easy to clean that you can wash it a million times!