What Does Walmart Sell?


This store sells various merchandise, such as food, clothing, electronics, toys, home furnishings, health and beauty aids, and hardware, in over 10,593 locations worldwide.

Stores like Wal-Mart offer some provocative products. For instance, once they sold Dennis the Menace costumes with slogans such as, “One day a woman will be president!” Unfortunately, that particular costume was eventually pulled from shelves.


Walmart Supercenters provide shoppers with an unmatched shopping experience. Combining grocery lines and general merchandise into one location and offering everyday low prices is critical to their success. On average, these spaces span 187,000 square feet and employ 350 associates, selling apparel, electronics, toys, and home furnishings and offering services such as banks, restaurants, and one-hour photo centers – everything needed in one convenient spot!

Walmart began restricting gun sales to individuals over 21 in 2019 and discontinued offering short-barrel rifle ammunition, vaping equipment, fruit- and dessert-flavored vape liquids which could appeal to minors, Goodie’s subscription box sales, as well as certain men’s magazines (Maxim, Stuff, or FHM) due to “sexually suggestive content”; they still carry fashion books but did not prohibit women’s magazines entirely.

Discount Stores

Walmart discount stores provide an array of merchandise at everyday low prices, from grocery items and consumables to health and beauty aids, technology, office supplies, entertainment products, hardlines apparel, and home. In addition, these stores provide financial services like money orders, prepaid cards, bill payment services, and check cashing services.

Walmart announced in 2019 that all of their stores would discontinue selling handgun ammunition and short-barrel rifles due to mass shootings; however, shotguns and long-barrel deer rifles will continue to be sold as usual.

Walmart’s Metro 7 clothing line debuted in 2005 and was soon discontinued due to poor store sales. Also, during this year, the store ceased selling its brand of electronic cigarettes and liquid vaping cartridges; however, the popular heartburn relief medication Zantac remains on shelves for customers to use.

Neighborhood Markets

Walmart Neighborhood Markets are small-format stores specializing in groceries and pharmacy items that focus on convenience for urban areas. Launched first by Walmart in 1998, Neighborhood Markets are smaller versions of Walmart Supercenters but focus on local services instead.

These stores provide various goods, such as fresh produce, meat and dairy products, bakery items, household chemicals, and household services, such as drive-through pharmacies and one-hour photo services. In addition, these stores sell pet supplies and stationery; unfortunately, they don’t sell auto parts or electronics.

Walmart Neighborhood Market locations may accept cash checks but cannot accept returns of items sold elsewhere, such as general merchandise and electronics. Customers interested in returning such products should bring them to a Walmart Supercenter instead.

Online Store

Walmart’s online store sells products across multiple categories, including grocery and consumables, technology, office supplies, hardlines apparel, and home. Furthermore, the site features a free Walmart+ membership, which gives members exclusive benefits such as Scan & Goes technology and early access to deals.

Walmart has long been known for making controversial decisions. Most recently, in 2019, they decided to cancel the Goodies monthly snack subscription service and cease selling e-cigarettes and vaping products after discovering some were being sold to minors. Since then, they have raised the minimum age to purchase these products to 21.

This retailer also offered an inappropriate Dennis the Menace T-shirt featuring Margaret from that series who predicted: “Someday a woman will be president.” After public outrage in 1995, this shirt was pulled from shelves but eventually restocked on Etsy, where it remains today; currently working to improve their online offerings is also one of their major initiatives.