A Tradeciety Review


A Tradeciety review will let you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the course and community. The price, the exclusive trading community, the price of the course, and the live trading sessions are just some points that will help you make an informed decision. Read on to find out more. The course is exclusive to members of the Tradeciety community.

Rolf Schlotmann

Tradeciety is an educational company with a global reach that promises to help you become a professional trader. It offers courses on Forex, futures, and stocks. Its founder, Moritz Czubatinsky, is a former professional poker player. Tradeciety claims to teach you how to trade on any stock market, including Venezuelan and North Korean markets. While Tradeciety offers a free trading course, it requires you to pay a membership fee for two separate courses.

The exclusive community of traders

Tradeciety is a website with an exclusive community of traders you can join. It has live trading sessions where members can post their trades for others to see and comment on. This site also has more content than other trading communities, like posts about trading psychology, lifestyle design, and book recommendations. The content is also very helpful and provides a realistic view of trading. For example, there is a blog by price action trader Rolf Schlotmann, who has been trading for 12 years.

The trade city blog is a great resource for new traders. It offers articles that cover the basics of trading and the latest in the forex and stock markets. There are also podcasts with expert insights. It offers over 400 articles on trading, all broken down into categories. Each article has corresponding tags, so you can easily find articles related to the topic you’re interested in.

The price of the course

Tradeciety is a social trading community. It offers live trading sessions and lets students post trades for review. They also have more content than trading courses, including book recommendations and trading psychology. Tradeciety is open about the difficulty of trading. It does not promise to turn you into the next Peter Thiel.