Absolute Barbecue Price Per Head


To impress your friends and family with a BBQ feast, you should check out Absolute Barbecues. This popular dining venue offers various main dishes, a huge selection of sides, and live counters. The barbecues are cooked on a charcoal-fired grill, which means that the quality of the food is top-notch. Desserts are also plentiful, with live counters showcasing various delicacies. In addition to the great food, you can enjoy live music, and an exclusive Curly Tales offer.

Unlimited BBQ buffet

The Unlimited BBQ buffet price per head will start at Rs505 and include over 65 items. The buffet features meat, poultry and vegetarian dishes, and you can enjoy a live grill at your table. The prices include unlimited drinks and apply to lunch and dinner only. A group of four or more people can take advantage of this buffet price per head. Read on to find out more. This deal is valid for the whole family and is perfect for the next family get-together.

Live counters

For those who love barbecuing, the absolute barbecue restaurant in Hyderabad will be the place to go. Apart from grilling meat and poultry, it has a wide spread of desserts. Live counters will be available to assist you in making the best decision for your meal. Moreover, they offer an exclusive deal for Curly Tales followers. At Absolute Barbecue, the price per head will not exceed Rs550.


At Absolute Barbecue, you’ll find a wide array of meats and BBQs to choose from. The menu also includes international dishes. In addition to grilled meats and sides, you can also choose from a chaat counter, pasta bar, ice cream counter, and more. It’s a great way to spend a long weekend with your family and friends. The price per head for dessert is surprisingly low, at less than P150!

For dessert, try the Jalebi, Mishti Doi, and Rosogolla. All of these are topped with a generous helping of ice cream. The atmosphere at Absolute Barbecues is warm and cosy, and the staff is quick and courteous. Absolute Barbecue’s prices are also competitive, making them a great place for any budget. The 4.2 Google rating is another plus.


If you plan to have a barbecue with your friends and family, you’ll be happy to know that you can find it in several locations. These barbecue restaurants have various main courses and a wide selection of desserts. In addition, they have live counters to help you decide what to order, and they even offer an exclusive offer for Curly Tales fans. There are many great places to enjoy a barbecue dinner, and you can make reservations online to save time and money.

If you’re looking for a barbeque restaurant with a wish grill concept, Absolute Barbecue is one of the best options. The restaurant chain has recently opened its 29th location in Guwahati. The restaurant opened in 2013 and has expanded to five cities in India and two locations in Dubai. The price per head for dinner is Rs 449 for a buffet, and there are also special offers for large groups.