Advice on Caring for Your Mobile Home’s Metal Roof, Water Heater, and Aluminum Siding


Maintenance guidelines for mobile homes include a roof, water heater, and siding.

Maintaining your mobile home regularly will help ensure the longevity of your investment. Unfortunately, some homeowners falsely assume their insurance covers damage to their property due to neglect. Here are some suggestions for ensuring that your house remains in pristine condition. Select the best metal roofing company.

Every 16 to 18 months, you should seal your metal roof. Even mobile homes with metal roofs might be damaged. In addition, changes in the weather might cause degradation over time. Insurance companies typically receive claims related to roof leaks the most. Also, claims for leaks resulting from lax upkeep may be the most usually rejected.

You should reseal your roof every 16 to 18 months to prevent leaks. Five gallons of roof sealant can be purchased for about $55-$65 at either Home Depot or Lowe’s. Start by studying the sealant’s application manual; typically, you’ll use a wire brush to remove the old adhesive, followed by a roller to apply the new glue. To ensure the sealant fully penetrates and keeps water out of your property, pay particular attention to the seams and edges of the roof.

It is recommended to drain the water heater every 6-12 months. After that, every six months to a year, you should drain the sediment from the bottom of the tank of your mobile home’s water heater. Corrosion from silt builds up over time and could be the final straw that brings down the water heater. Turning off the gas or electricity supply to the water heater is the first step in draining it. Then, attach a hose to the heater’s outlet and direct the water outside or into a basement drain. Finally, open the valve to let air into the heater, allowing the water to flow out.

Your home’s structural damage may be covered by insurance if your mobile home’s water heater explodes due to a lack of maintenance, but the water heater itself likely will not be.

Sealants around windows should be checked once a year. The following advice regarding mobile home upkeep is crucial if your home has aluminum siding. To ensure that your windows are air and watertight, inspect the silicone sealant caulking around them annually and add more glue if necessary. The caulking or sealant should be rubbery in texture. You should reseal your windows if the current seal has cracked, dried out, or become brittle. This is especially crucial in aluminum-sided homes, where condensation buildup on the exterior can cause water to flow inside through cracked windows.

Mold and mildew can flourish in your home if a leak is near your window. It can also ruin your flooring, carpeting, and furniture and even taint your walls. Insurance may not cover water damage from leaking mobile home windows if a lack of upkeep causes the damage. Coverage for mold is often lacking or severely restricted.

You should re-level your home every six months to a year after each relocation. Professional leveling is essential when placing a house for the first time. Then, after a year, it needs to be leveled out again. Another re-leveling may be required if the soil beneath the house continues to settle. Signs that your home needs leveling include improperly closing windows and doors. See if the door drags or swings open or if there are spaces between the door and the window. You may also need to re-level the house if you see tiny cracks in the walls and ceilings.

Following these basic maintenance recommendations, you can save money in the long run and keep your mobile home in good condition. Lack of maintenance is often not covered by insurance coverage, so be aware of this. Maintaining your home consistently will ensure your safety.

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