Anupama (Movie Review)


Anupama Shah is a dedicated homemaker who takes great care to nurture her family while running her dance academy. She does not expect anything in return from Vanraj Shah, but he takes advantage of her. Get the Best information about Anupama Written Update.

On her 25th wedding anniversary, she witnessed her husband having an affair with Kavya Gandhi – leaving her shocked.

Anupama a’s ‘ journey of Self-discovery

Anupama Shah, a Gujarat homemaker, has sacrificed her dreams and ambitions for her family’s welfare. While Anupama remains dedicated to her husband, Vanraj Shah as wife and mother to their three children, their obliviousness often takes its toll. Her husband can often treat Anupama like domestic material – humiliating her like domestic trash while treating his colleague Kavya Gandhi like domestic waste – leaving

Anupama heartbroken.

Moti Baa successfully persuades Vanraj to take Anupama to his colleague’s party, where everyone admires her simplicity, beauty, and dancing abilities. Unfortunately, she soon realized that selection night was designed to prevent her from traveling to America. Meanwhile, Samar, Paritosh, and Dolly celebrate hearing of Anupama’s pregnancy news, while Leela remains bitter as she wants to prevent Anupama from leaving for America.

Anupama becomes heartbroken on her 25th wedding anniversary when she sees Vanraj and Kavya making out, leaving her empty and heartbroken. After this incident, she decides to end all ties with Vanraj and live her life her way – leaving Samar and Kinjal married off; Rupali Ganguly’s life becomes complicated as she attempts to balance work and family responsibilities. Rupali Ganguly plays Madalsa Sharma; Paras Kalnawat; Rushad Rana; Alpana Buch; Ashish Mehrotra take critical roles in this series written by Bhavna Vyas and directed by Romesh Kalra; produced under Director’s Kut Productions banner.

Anupama’s responsibilities toward her biological children

Anupamaa, a housewife who sacrifices her dreams for the sake of her family, finds herself dissatisfied with how her children treat her, feeling disrespected by them. Her sons and daughter-in-law seem unappreciative despite warnings from Devika and Kavya’s husband regarding Vanraj’s affair. Anupama remains resistant and refuses to heed their warnings that Vanraj may be having an affair with Kavya.

While caring for her son and husband, Anupama still aims to achieve her career goals. As a dance instructor with a gift for teaching, Anupama shows her students how to express themselves through movement while helping them overcome traumas in their bodies. Her ultimate dream is to become an actress/star in Bollywood.

As soon as Anupama learns of Choti Anu’s serious condition, she becomes distraught and attempts to dissuade Pakhi and Samar from leaving with Anu for America despite their reservations regarding her decision. However, Pakhi and Samar support Anu even though their decisions cause disagreement.

Anupama later discovers that Kavya and Vanraj have been engaging in an affair for 25 years, prompting her to file for divorce against Vanraj, who refuses to accept this fact. Anupama then goes through court proceedings to gain custody of her biological son, much to Vanraj’s disapproval.

Anupamaa’s relationship with Anuj

Anuj’s one-sided love for Anupama derailed her hopes of starting over with Samar, as Anupamaa was already struggling under her responsibility to her biological children and an unsuccessful academy. Finally, Anupama left the Shah family, starting anew in a rented house with Samar.

At an event, Vanraj’s manager’s wife selects Anupama for her project to promote Indian culture in the USA, prompting Anupama’s irritation and sparking an argument between herself and her brother. Malvika later fires Vanraj and Kavya due to their non-professionalism. At the same time, Paritosh crosses his limits by insulting Anupama’s unborn child, which brings forth outrage from both of Kapadia and Shah families.

Anuj’s shock at Maya’s accident leads him to comfort her and assure her he couldn’t imagine life without her, leading him to take an unconventional step by proposing they get married. Their union generates much discussion across both Kapadia and Shah households.

Anupamaa’s relationship with Kavya

Anupama is an inspiring woman, always making sacrifices for the good of her family and herself. As a loving mother and wife, she does her best to give her children what they deserve. Unfortunately, Vanraj takes Anupama for granted and has been having an affair with Kavya for eight years, leaving Anupama stunned upon learning of it.

Vanraj attempts to convince Anupama of his intentions regarding Kavya; she doesn’t accept his assurance and breaks ties with him, leaving her younger son Samar and daughter Pakhi (engaged to Kinjal) from Shah house.

As Anupama seeks to establish her dance academy, Kavya attempts to discredit and undermine her efforts and turn the Kapadia family against her. Unfortunately for Kavya’s plans, Anupama triumphs against all odds and finally opens her academy.

As the story develops, Anupama gains financial independence and forms strong ties with her new friends. She learns to stand up for herself and challenge societal norms and expectations, which she also attempts to encourage her daughters and friends to do. Unfortunately, resistance from family members hinders these attempts – Kavya insults Anupama in one episode, but Anupama can stand her ground and tell Kavya to stop attacking her instead.

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