Babe Stockings


Stockings are a type of sock worn by women that usually cover from the foot to the knee or even all the way to the thigh area, usually held up with either a garter belt (American English) or a suspender belt (European).

Tights are increasingly preferred over pantyhose in Western cultures for many reasons, such as their perceived allure of lace, high fashion, and thigh exposure.


Babe stockings feature wider cuffs than tights or pantyhose, making them less likely to dig into your thighs and cause an unsightly muffin top. Comfortable to wear under long dresses and skirts in winter weather. Bridesmaids also find them helpful in keeping warm at bridal showers or wedding events that require cold temperatures.

These adorable Kawaii Babe Stockings boast a sweet strawberry berry and white baby bun print to bring sweetness to any small space or cute ensemble! Crafted with soft, stretchable material that fits snugly for ultimate comfort, these stockings work best on cuties between sizes XS-XL.


There are various styles and types of stockings, with each having its distinct style, from matte to glossy finishes and sheer designs with patterns or sheerness. Some also boast denier numbers, which represent how many fibers make up their garment. Denier numbers refer to thicker garments made of more fibers, while lower deniers tend to be lighter and sheerer garments; higher deniers tend to be thicker yet more durable, while lower deniers provide lighter weight and sheerer garments. In terms of pattern designs, a pair may feature either solid designs such as lace or fishnet designs; material and color are also very influential factors in terms of appearance.

Women generally wore heavy knit cotton or wool stockings that were plain or patterned with ribbing stripes or zig-zags for everyday wear, and sheer silk, rayon, or nylon stockings suitable for evening or particular occasion use that featured either plain designs with rib stripes or novelty mesh.

Women during World War II were encouraged to donate silk and nylon stockings for use in the war effort, and when word of a shortage reached them, women mobbed the stores that carried these stocks to create so-called nylon riots.

Once nylon stocking supplies were back on hand after WWII, women quickly resumed wearing them. There was an array of colors to suit almost any look; many preferred black ones, while lighter-skinned individuals often preferred shades of tan instead.

Stockings were held up using various means, including garters, suspender belts or garters (American English), or stocking clips, which resembled hair clips but could slip over the top of a stocking and keep it secure. Most commonly, however, women used hold-ups that contained elastic for this purpose.

Garter belts or suspenders were an alternative way of keeping stockings up; these were worn over the sock and secured with elastic or other highly tractive materials that held it firmly. Garters or suspenders were among the second most frequently used methods to do this job.


An adorable keepsake stocking is the perfect keepsake to mark baby’s first Christmas, making a keepsake to be treasured for years to come. Choose from beautiful white velvet personalized stockings with blue gingham trim that are personalized with the baby’s name embroidered onto it, as well as ones featuring an ornament that reads “Baby’s First Christmas”.

These gorgeous and plush Christmas stockings make a luxurious addition to any mantel. Quilting adds luxurious texture for an easy match with other holiday decor, while monogram or family name options and 48 thread colors allow you to personalize them further.

Bring the cold outdoors inside with these charming appliqued babe stockings from Boon Dog Design. Featuring embroidery of snowmen, penguins, reindeer, and Santas for an eye-catching festive look, they come fully lined and with an adjustable hanging loop at the top – ready to receive all your Christmas goodies.

This needle-crafted personalized babe stocking is both rustic and cozy – an heirloom-quality piece to pass down through generations. A buffalo plaid bow at the toe and cuff adds traditional flair, while your choice of green or red thread allows for personalization with names or monograms of your choosing.

There’s nothing more timeless and sophisticated than an elegant Christmas stocking, and these wool-blend stockings feature muted gray backgrounds accented with silver sequins for an understated yet sophisticated appearance. Personalize each stocking further by personalizing it with one of over two dozen thread colors available – choose one just right for you to make these festive stockings your own!

Escape into a woodland winter wonderland with this charming wool and rayon fox stocking, complete with adorable appliques and embroidery of this cute woodland animal. Your name stands out among others – three font options and nine thread colors are available to customize this stocking to your specifications!

Give your bridesmaids something genuinely memorable this year by giving them one of these luxurious knit babe stockings as gifts! Not only are they comfortable enough for daily wear around the house, but they are even cozier when personalized with the names or initials of each bridesmaid! Plus, they make great thoughtful bridal shower gifts.