Bartending Schools in Orange County


Nothing brings excitement to an event quite like having a professional bartender at hand to assist guests with making drinks, serving drinks to them, and mixing drinks for group photos – not forgetting to take care of all other related tasks like taking group photographs!

See all of the fantastic cities listed on our map page and school locator where Tony has opened schools. These are cities characterized by hospitality, with plenty of restaurants, hotels, country clubs, nightclubs, and bars to visit.


ABC Bartending Schools offer comprehensive training to equip their students with the fundamentals of bartending and the skills needed for a successful career in bartending. Their courses cover everything from customer service and cash handling, mixing drinks responsibly, serving alcohol responsibly, as well as legal responsibilities and health and safety considerations in hospitality industries. Furthermore, ABC provides instruction on preparing job applications/resumes/interview preparation/practice.

If you want to become a bartender in Orange County, enroll at a bartending school and do your research about which bars in your area have jobs available; look for people working there; some bars may even allow you to apply as a barback and train into bartending later.

Tony Sylvester has been placing bartenders since 1977 and brings this expertise into the schools he owns and operates. Check the placement list in your area or click on a city on the map page or school locator to see where his schools have opened in significant cities across the globe – usually, those that specialize in hospitality, such as restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and nightclubs that need bartending staff full or part-time.

Job Opportunities

Since 1977, we have specialized in placing bartenders since 1977 and have perfected the art of matching candidates to positions. Please take a look at our job placement list in your region, as well as national chains that have hired our students!

Licensed Bartenders are essential in serving various beverages to customers in high-volume, fast-paced restaurant environments. The successful candidate must be on time, reliable, quick-thinking, and adept at handling diverse situations effectively, in addition to using spirits, liqueurs, fruits, and fresh herbs to craft exquisite drinks for their guests.

If you’re starting from scratch as a bartender, the first step should be to apply to bars in your area and let them know you want to train towards becoming one. Most bars will give you the opportunity to prove yourself as a barback while learning as you work, so until you feel ready to transition into bartending full-time.


At ABC Bartending schools across the world, each year, thousands of graduates are placed into Restaurants, Hotels, Country clubs, Night Clubs, and Bars. Tony has opened schools in numerous cities that specialize in hospitality. These establishments require plenty of full and part-time bartenders – making bartending an excellent way to make good money, have fun, and meet people!

If you don’t feel quite ready to become a bartender right away, apply for a barback position instead. Many bars will hire you as a barback before training you to become a bartender – this can be an excellent way to enter the bartending industry while building your confidence and becoming part of their staff.

While training at a bartending school, you will learn how to submit applications and compose resumes, as well as interview successfully for bartending jobs. After completing your course, you could start working within weeks!


Prospective bartending students often ask what financial aid the bartending school can offer them, such as what classes and schedule are available to accommodate various student needs – classes can be completed in as little as two weeks when attending full time; alternatively, you may choose to spread out their study over longer. Furthermore, no textbooks are needed since students receive an in-depth bartending handbook and study guide upon registration.

Apart from providing bartending and server training, this school also provides job placement assistance and practical experience via event staffing services – services available to both current students and alumni of its programs.