Business Cards – Make a Lasting Impression


Business cards can help your company stand out from the competition and create a memorable first impression with clients while promoting your business and building trust with them. When selecting a design for your cards, it should reflect your personality and professionalism.

Your business card should also include large font sizes to ensure its audience can easily read it, as small font sizes could cause them to strain to read it – which looks unprofessional.


An effective business card is an indispensable marketing tool that adds professional polish to any brand. It makes an immediate first impression with potential clients and customers, providing your contact details directly when they’re ready to buy. A professionally designed business card stands out from the pack; choose from an array of colors, paper stocks, and finishes for one that leaves a lasting impression on potential clients and customers.

Designing an original and unforgettable business card design is vital, but understanding the printing process is equally critical. Each method comes with its costs and measures of quality, so knowing what type of print process will be used on your business card before placing an order can help save you time and money on an inferior product.

Business cards are commonly printed on premium-quality paper, but you can utilize other materials to craft an eye-catching card that stands out. Custom cut, die cut, or embossed cards can add a special touch to your brand identity; additionally, you could include information such as QR codes or photos to provide extra insights into your company.

When designing a business card, size matters. A standard rectangle format works best, but you may opt for an elongated shape to allow more content without becoming bulky. When cutting down to size, be sure that its text remains legible.

The Copy Center at UT Dallas provides business card printing services to full-time faculty and staff members. Adjunct faculty may obtain business cards by getting approval from their program director, department head, or graduate associate/assistant dean and then submitting them directly to the Copy Center.


Business cards can be an effective way to establish connections with potential clients and customers, providing contact details while creating a lasting impression on those they meet. Beyond just providing contact info, business cards also promote your brand image while creating an air of professionalism for any given company.

One of the critical aspects of designing a business card is selecting an appropriate font. Your font choice should reflect the overall style and feel of your business and be easy to read. Arial and Times New Roman are two popular font choices, but you should explore other font options until you find the one that best represents it.

Another critical element in designing a business card is using the appropriate paper. High-quality papers with smooth surfaces and matte finishes should be selected; thickness also matters: thicker pieces tend to feel more premium while often providing better-quality prints. Recycled papers provide another eco-friendly option that should also be considered.

The color scheme of a business card is also an integral element. Choose an eye-catching shade that appeals to your target audience, such as bold yellow with white text on top. Also, choose font sizes large enough for easy reading – smaller fonts may make reading hard or appear unprofessional.

If you need assistance designing your business card, consulting experts is always an option. They will help create an outstanding business card design and even offer free templates so you can get started immediately.

Too often, people make the mistake of including too much information on their business card, which can be overwhelming and disorienting to recipients and create an unruly and poorly designed look for the card itself. To best serve recipients and avoid cluttering design elements on your card with too many pieces of contact data on it. Try keeping it to two specific parts.


A business card is a small piece of paper with essential information about an individual or a company. Personalized to reflect the branding and personality of its owner, business cards have long been considered one of the most essential networking tools for professionals and businesses alike. A well-designed business card can leave an indelible mark and build trust; that is why any Dallas business card printing company must use only high-grade materials when crafting these essential networking tools.

Traditional business cards are printed on thick, uncoated stock paper. This type of stock allows multiple colors to be printed onto one piece and makes writing on it much more straightforward – though pencil writing might prevent any smudging!

Purchase a full business card package with matching stationery and envelopes to promote a unified brand image for your company. Custom printed to include logo, contact info, and website address can help set you apart from the competition while increasing your chances of gaining more business from potential customers.

At the UT Dallas Copy Center, in addition to standard printing options, luxury paper can also be used to have your business cards printed custom for you. From simple designs to more complex ones, a luxury card will leave an unforgettable impression on those who receive it.

Though you can get business cards for free online, they often come at a high price tag. Professional printing services will offer high-quality business cards at much more reasonable costs; their quick printing times ensure your cards will match exactly with what you envision for their design and look precisely the way you need them to.

Selecting the proper material for your business card can have a dramatic impact on its final appearance. For instance, hand-painted edges add an elegant touch, and lamination can provide an extra luxurious feel. For something a bit different, try triple-layer cards – created by sandwiching a colored sheet between two white sheets to achieve a layered effect.


Southwest Precision Printing (SWP) now offers online pricing for business cards! To start ordering, click Personalize at the top of this page and complete all fields. After filling in all information, click Build Proof to see an image of your card; if satisfied, click Continue, then Name File before finally clicking Place Order with Requisition Number to submit an order and complete the transaction – your cards should arrive in 10 business days! Should any issues arise, please reach out for a custom quote.