Car Freshie Molds


Create adorable homemade freshies to freshen up your car without using overpriced pine tree air fresheners by crafting lovely DIY projects that feature them! Not only are these fun projects great ways to customize the smell of your ride, but they look adorable hanging from the rearview mirror, too.

Use puff paint to draw intricate designs onto a freshly finished freshie, or glue ribbons and beads for an eye-catching flourish.

Make Your Own

Create your DIY car freshie by mixing aroma beads and fragrance oil in an inexpensive project. This simple solution keeps your car smelling nice while adding some fun pops of color. When selecting your fragrance, be sure to find something that smells pleasing in its bottle form and fits well within the interior design of your vehicle.

Make the aroma beads into cookie cutters using metal cookie cutters or heat-resistant silicone molds, non-stick baking pans, roofing nails or mini drills (optional), aroma beads, and fragrance or scented oil (add several drops as needed), then pour on flat surface before filling halfway with aromatic beads and mixing well before pouring onto baking pan for approximately 8 minutes to bake – once filled place it back onto flat surface and bake!

Once the freshies have baked, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool before taking them out of their cookie cutter and using a nail to poke a hole through which you can string a string for hanging them in your rearview mirror.

If your freshies don’t match what you want them to look like, try using mica or pigment powder to achieve different hues. Mix half quantities to achieve different shades or divide a cookie cutter using the teeth of a comb while pouring beads to produce multiple-hued freshies.

To extend the lifespan of your freshies, try applying a few drops of scented oil every month to their interior. You could also decorate them by tying a ribbon around a plain square freshie to make an adorable wrapped present or by gluing googly eyes on animal-shaped freshies to give them individual personalities.

Another easy way to keep your car smelling fresh is by placing scented wax candles in your cup holders. These fragrant candles come with different aromas and can be found at most stores selling car accessories; their pleasant and inviting scent will fill your vehicle while you drive.

Add Decorations

Decorate your car fresheners to make them as beautiful as possible by using puff paint to draw patterns such as spots or bee’s wings, adding ribbons or crafty accents such as beads by hot gluing a small dab of glue onto them, then letting your creations cool before taking them out of their mold and hanging them over your rearview mirror – enjoy!

Add Scents

Smelling delicious fragrance can lift your driving experience and keep you focused and energized while on the road. There are numerous car air fresheners available at stores; however, making your own can be fun, inexpensive, and easily customized with colors and scents! DIY projects offer endless creative potential; the DIY air freshener project below makes an affordable version perfect for personalizing with colors and scents that suit you!

Are You Making Scented Freshies? For best results, purchase aroma beads and fragrance oil at craft stores or online. Having a digital weighing scale helps in determining how much oil to add; additionally, a glass jar is recommended to store beads, while mica pigment powder or paint may be added for color options.

When selecting a fragrance, you must choose something you enjoy – but remember that each person’s nose differs and that one scent you think would be ideal could be too strong or spicy for someone else’s tastes. To prevent disappointment from the wrong choice being made, a great way to test out fragrances is by applying small amounts of oil on beads and then sniffing.

Once your beads have absorbed enough fragrance oil, add enough to dampen them and begin designing your project. Be careful not to overdo it, though – overpouring could cause them to dry too quickly and prevent you from creating your desired design! Once wetted with scented oil, the beads can begin drying naturally before being used for your design project.

Once your freshies are completed, they can be displayed in your vehicle. To prevent their melt-off, avoid direct sunlight or extreme temperatures; additionally, the scented beads could disintegrate under high humidity levels.

Enhance your scented freshies with ribbons or text. Animal-shaped freshies may benefit from having googly eyes added for added charm! This personalized gift would make a thoughtful gesture for someone who enjoys driving; whether traveling long distances or stuck in traffic, just one whiff of their favorite fragrance can keep them feeling energetic yet relaxed!

Hang Them

Homemade car freshies are an adorable way to refresh the air in your vehicle instantly, and are extremely easy to make. Simply use a metal cookie cutter and fill half with aroma beads before baking the freshie in the oven for 10-20 minutes until it has fully formed (a longer baking time will yield smoother surfaces, while shorter times yield bumpier surfaces).

Before your freshie has set completely, stand a nail or screw in it with its head slightly protruding from its top surface, creating a hole you can later use for hanging purposes or wrap string around its shape with hot glue.

Add extra details to your freshie with puff paint, ribbons, or other crafty embellishments like googly eyes. Use puff paint to draw spots on dog-shaped freshies; glue googly eyes onto animal-shaped ones for more personality; let your creation sit for about an hour before hanging it in your vehicle.