Cardel Homes Reviews – Are They Transparent?


It’s no secret that consumers are hesitant to trust Cardel Homes due to their notorious bait-and-switch tactics. Although this company has been known for aggressively pursuing home buyers, it doesn’t mean it’s incapable of delivering on its promises. It’s not uncommon for customers to complain that the sales representative at Cardel is rude and unresponsive. However, the company must benefit from the doubt if it wants to gain new business.

Cardel’s bait-and-switch tactic

The bait-and-switch tactic is a common practice used by homebuilders, but there are ways to avoid it. In many cases, home builders will say they’ll apply an epoxy garage floor coating but change their minds later. However, Cardel has a history of aggressively pursuing home buyers. Even if unsuccessful, they’ll still try to satisfy their customers.

One common bait-and-switch tactic involves advertising homes that are off-market when customers call the agent. This is often a product of listing syndication gone wrong. In other cases, the listing information has been “scraped” by an unauthorized website and posted elsewhere.

Cardel’s only job is to adhere to its advertising.

For example, Cardel’s garage floor coating advertisement states that epoxy has a short shelf life. However, this is not true. According to the contract between Cardel and a potential customer, the garage floor coating warranty is five years. That means Cardel does not have to change its product for that period. Instead, it only has to adhere to its advertising.

Cardel’s sales manager

As one of the largest homebuilders in Ontario, Cardel Homes is always looking for top talent. The company offers competitive compensation and an outstanding benefits package for its employees. In the Accounting department, you’ll be responsible for all financial resources, including financial statements, working papers, and monthly compliance reports. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for lot administration, reconciliations, and other accounting functions.

The company has a diverse sales team to serve the needs of customers. In addition to Brian Phillips, you’ll work with Catrina Cook, Jennifer Cassidy, Kolleen Martin, and Liz Lee. Each of these individuals has a different background and skill set, which makes for an excellent opportunity to work in a sales environment.

Cardel’s lack of performance data

Cardel has a history of aggressively pursuing home buyers. It has a reputation for battling to the bitter end. But if you’re buying a home from Cardel, you’ll want the company to make your experience as pleasant as possible. That’s where transparency comes in.

While Cardel permits you to access certain information about your account, it doesn’t include the requested information. Cardel reserves the right not to change this information and instead will append an alternative text to the information you provide. However, there are some steps you can take to protect your information.

First, you should understand that Cardel’s policy only covers personal information collected from its customers and prospective customers. This policy doesn’t apply to the company’s employees or other individuals. In addition, it doesn’t apply to aggregated data, which Cardel retains the right to use in any way they see fit.