KBS Tour Lite Steel Shaft Review


The KBS Tour Lite shaft is an ultralight option designed to promote swing speed for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Furthermore, its balanced flex profile facilitates enhanced control.

Its responsive feel promotes shot shaping for players seeking either controlled fades or powerful draws, and at 20% lighter than its Tour counterpart, this shaft stands out as the most lightweight steel iron shaft of its class.


The KBS Tour Lite shaft is an ultralightweight steel shaft designed for golfers of all abilities, featuring a balanced performance that promotes faster swing speeds and better shot control. Available in various flexes to meet differing swing styles and ball flight preferences. Independent testing reveals that its users achieve an average of 9% more distance compared to its competitors.

KBS was established by shaft expert Kim Braly in 2008 and is now the fastest-growing steel shaft manufacturer. They aim to make it easier for golfers to select a shaft that matches their unique swing characteristics by engineering shafts with lower mass and step radius to mitigate interference during swinging; this enables golfers to maintain consistent swing speed throughout their rounds.

KBS Golf’s revolutionary shaft design not only reduces weight but provides stability and a smooth feel at impact; they offer shafts for all golf clubs, including drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons – with mid kick point iron shafts giving versatile shots; five different wedge shafts make finding your ideal club easy!

When selecting the optimal KBS shaft for you, it is essential to take into account your swing speed, desired ball flight, and tempo. Please consult a professional club fitter who can help determine which shaft would be ideal for you and ensure maximum benefits from its use. A customized fitting session may further increase its advantages.

KBS provides an assortment of golf shafts designed to meet all playing styles; lightweight shafts can help increase clubhead speed, while heavier shafts offer increased control. If your swing speed is fast, lightweight shafts are an effective way to help drive more balls down fairways and into greens.

KBS offers an assortment of steel and graphite shafts in various flexes to meet your golfing needs and find you the ideal heavy-weight post to enhance stability and smoothness at impact.


KBS stands out as one of only a few shaft manufacturers to provide both steel and graphite iron shafts, which was an intelligent move because they can meet all demands from hard-hitting tour pros to moderate-speed amateurs. Shaft designer Kim Braly believes 14 models must exist to accommodate for all variations – half flexes such as R+ or S+ may help those unsure whether to choose regular or stiff for distance or accuracy respectively.

The Tour Lite shaft, our latest addition to the range, was specifically developed to meet the needs of players seeking tighter dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, and precision control – all in an ultralight package. At 20% lighter than its KBS Tour counterpart, this shaft caters to golfers of all abilities – from junior golfers up to elite-level golfers – from junior players. Independent testing shows it helps improve swing, control, and ball speeds.

KBS also offers several other mid-launch, low-spin graphite iron shaft options in their line-up to complement the Tour Lite; among them are popular PGI models that bring a steel-like feel to graphite iron shafts; this eight-weight model can fit golfers hitting speeds from 57mph up to 100mph.

The PGA Tour player-recognized S-Taper model from this company is an ideal option for moderate-speed golfers seeking to maximize carry distance. It is mid-launch and mid-spin, making it suitable for players who like hitting high but not too far. There are three weight options – 95g regular, 100g stiff, and 105g X-stiff – so golfers can fine-tune their set for optimal performance. Alternatively, golfers may opt for the Tour FLT model, featuring advanced step pattern technology for smooth transitions – perfect for golfers who struggle to get their irons airborne. In this instance, its shaft weight is 10g lighter than C-Taper or Tour models.


KBS produces iron shafts for all clubs in your bag and is particularly well-regarded when it comes to woods and irons. Their Lite irons shafts were explicitly created to give a steel feel; so much so, that some tour players mistake them for being painted black steel shafts! At 10g lighter than KBS Tour C-Taper or S-Taper shafts, Lites make getting airborne easier while providing midspin control when attacking greens.

The KBS Tour Lite Series shaft is 20% lighter than any other steel shaft available, making it the ideal lightweight solution for golfers seeking tight dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, and precision control in an ultralight package. Independent testing demonstrated that, on average, it provided a moderate increase in distance of 9% over its competitors.

KBS Tour shaft’s smaller sibling provides comparable performance at a more reasonable price point. Like the standard Tour model, this shaft offers a smooth feel with a gradual kick point around 3/4 and precise miss response – ideal for tour players or low handicappers who may find the standard Tour too robust.

KBS manufactures a number of players’ shafts that will help your club set excel, but if you want to customize it specifically for a shot, then the PGI graphite shaft from KBS should be your go-to choice. Played by many professionals and suitable for speeds between 57mph and 94mph speeds, it has proven itself as the perfect addition.

TaylorMade irons feature the Max graphite shaft, designed to optimize ball flight at moderate speeds and provide extra assistance in flying your irons further distances. Strong golfers may benefit from having this additional assistance when flying their irons.

KBS knows it is essential for golfers to find a shaft that suits them precisely when making any purchase, which is why they offer custom options explicitly tailored to both men and women players. Furthermore, two junior steel shafts specifically tailored for 8-11-year-old players allow golfers to progress within the KBS family as they grow and mature.


KBS Tour Lite steel shaft is one of the highest-performing steel shafts on the market, providing players with increased ball speed and improved shot control. It also boasts a mid-trajectory launch for versatile use across a range of swing styles; it is available in regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flex options and is 20% lighter than standard steel shafts in its KBS line-up.

This lightweight shaft helps golfers generate more incredible swing speed, leading to greater distance covered. Furthermore, its smooth feel at impact aids accuracy. Moreover, this option may help golfers with slow swing speeds increase clubhead speed without altering their swing mechanics significantly.

KBS Tour Lite shafts feature improved stability for high-launching drivers and fairway woods where twisting forces may be more significant. Their balanced flex profile also ensures golfers can shape shots with confidence.

The KBS Tour Lite comes in various weights and flexes to cater to golfers of all skill levels. This flexible shaft is especially beneficial to those seeking to increase swing speed and distance from their drives while being easy to control – making it suitable for all kinds of swing styles.

KBS TOUR LITE Series steel shafts are the lightest steel shafts available from KBS and are designed for players seeking tighter dispersion, higher trajectory, additional spin, and precise control. Independent testing has demonstrated that, on average, they provide up to 9% other distance than their competitors.

To maximize the potential benefits of KBS Tour Lite shafts, they must be custom-fitted by a professional club fitter. They will evaluate your swing and recommend an ideal flex/length combination explicitly tailored to you and your game – as well as maximize the performance of their new clubs! A custom fitting will not only help find an appropriate shaft that complements your game better than ever before but can also increase its performance potential exponentially!