How to Buy a Mini Trike and Turn It Into a Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV)


Choosing the appropriate kit can be daunting if you want to convert your trike into an electric vehicle (PEV). This article will help you navigate your options and select one best suited to your needs. Guide on Are mini trikes good?

Trikes provide more excellent stability and balance than bicycles, making them easier for older individuals or those with mobility issues to ride. Furthermore, trikes offer greater comfort due to more extensive seat options available.


Toy Time’s No-Pedal Mini Trike is specially designed to assist children aged twelve months to two years develop their balance and coordination skills while having lots of riding fun! With its padded leather seat and rubber handles for maximum comfort, hours of riding fun await!

The Vario Seat’s sturdy steel frame and spokeless tires create a safe, reliable product that resists rust. An adjustable slider enables riders to set their seat height and position. It features an upward curving backrest to prevent shoelaces from becoming tangled or fingers from being pinched during rider boarding.

This DIY mini bike/trike frame kit comprises high-quality wall steel tubing. With an easy assembly process and minimal tools needed for welds, this DIY frame is ideal for beginners looking to craft their ride! Powder coating also protects it against corrosion.


Your child must first learn how to pedal before attempting it on their own, so until then, they need to be secured safely in a rear-mounted bike seat. When building or adding one onto an existing trike or bicycle, look for models made well and easy to assemble or install.

Our top pick is the iBert, an economical yet sturdy frame and quick-release model with three shoulder height slots and high sideboards that help contain riders. Unfortunately, its simple nylon straps may slip down on smaller kids.

The frame or rack-mount seating solutions are available; rack-mounted versions require less hardware and may cost a bit less; anyone already possessing a rack should go for one of these versions of this seat.


Help your little ones develop balance and coordination with this padded Toy Time no-pedal trike. Featuring round handlebars for easy steering and an ergonomic seat to ensure maximum comfort during rides, this trike will allow them to ride without pedals!

While drum brakes can provide sufficient stopping power for trikes, disc brakes offer superior stopping power with greater stopping power per use and fewer maintenance costs due to the slower wearing of brake pads.

Hope’s Tech 3 Duo is a mechanical disc brake kit that utilizes a splitter to allow one lever to drive two calipers at once; your local LBS may be able to assist here.


An investment in quality tires can enhance your ride and give you peace of mind behind the wheel. Look for tires with tread patterns designed to improve handling and stability – such as circumferential channels or all-season siping – and increase handling and stability.

Size can affect speed; however, manufacturers provide gearing solutions. Opt for a trike with larger wheels for a higher top rate.

Some trike riders prefer 20-inch wheels in both front and back for convenience in case of flats; it allows them to carry only one tube instead of bringing two lines if their wheel goes flat, making for more accessible transport and storage. Also, consider purchasing one with puncture-proof or thorn-resistant tires for reduced risk. Always check tire pressure regularly and stay aware to prevent flats.


The addition of accessories can make riding your trike even more exciting and secure and enhance safety. Pedal conversion kits provide additional foot support to decrease pedal slipperiness.

Balance bike straps help kids remain on their trikes when stopping to drink water or snack and provide an adequate grip for small hands.

Safety bells alert other riders of your approach and can be mounted either on the seat top or using a flag mount to be displayed on your seat bar. Mirrors attach easily to the side of trikes for different vision when riding to avoid collisions; they are easily adjustable according to individual needs.

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