Tips for Making Money on Sports Bets


The point of betting on sports is to make money while watching our favorite game. Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream for the vast majority of gamblers. But anyone can achieve their goal by crafting a strategy and sticking to it diligently. What do you consider about 먹튀폴리스 먹튀사이트.

To make money betting on sports, you need to take into account these two things:

  • Pick Your Bets
  • Staking Strategy

Pick Your Bets

The first, Bet Selection, is self-explanatory; we must back winners. Next, consider Horse Racing; anecdotally, many people make a living off betting on horses, though the operative word is “professional.” It takes considerable time and expertise to investigate and analyze each horse competing at the United Kingdom’s 59 different racecourses. It’s a full-time job if you want to make it! This means that most of us have to rely on the guidance of professionals to do some of the heavy liftings for us.

Predictions for Horse Races

There is no shortage of online “experts” in UK horse racing, some of whom charge as much as £100 per month. However, the long-term success of a horse racing tipster is the most crucial factor.

Many online tipsters boast about a profitable month on their homepage but then lose money for the next six. Never follow a tipster without first researching their complete track record. Ideally, the results of the tips would be published the following day, and the entire history of all the recommendations would be published alongside the results.

Check out a Tipster Proofing site like Racing-Index, which ratings various tipsters based on their track records. Think about your betting style and how many monthly tips you can reasonably expect to place before deciding on a tipster.

Not only are the best tipsters closed to new members, but they also charge exorbitant fees that wipe out any potential profits. The answer is to create our system based on the advice of experts and our investigation. This is the tactic that the site’s devotees have used with great success in greyhound racing. The general rule is that you get what you put into your body.

Staking Strategy

After settling on a betting method, it’s time to consider stakes. The simplest is to use Fixed or Level Stakes, where we always wager the same amount on our chosen horse (say, 2% of our starting bankroll), but we’d ideally increase our bets as our bankroll grows. This leads to Percentage Staking, where a predetermined percentage of the total available betting funds is used for each chance. This means that the stakes increase as the betting bank grows larger and decrease as the betting bank shrinks.

These staking plans may seem reasonable at first glance, but we all know they’re too simplistic, as they’d have us betting the same amount on a horse with low odds as they would one with high. Since we want to maximize our earnings, we must increase our wager when the odds of winning are low.

It would require a few years of study and a correspondence course in statistics to determine the best staking strategy. Thankfully, we live in an era where such information is easily accessible. The Kelly Strategy is based on probability theory. It determines the best allocation of betting funds based on the odds of a wager and the bettor’s subjective assessment of the likelihood that the horse will win.

Use a Kelly Strategy Calculator to plug in the relevant numbers to find out what fraction of your bankroll to wager on each horse. In addition, we can modify the Kelly Strategy by adopting a Half Kelly Staking Plan, in which we bet only half of the percentage that the Kelly Strategy would otherwise recommend, should we experience an initial run of high-odds horses. This would mean less excitement and faster accumulation of gambling profits.

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