How to Decorate Your Home in Antique Farmhouse Decor


If you want an authentic, homey atmosphere, you should consider antique farmhouse decor. There are several ways to decorate your space in a charming country style, from repurposed items to beadboard walls. Old glass bottles can add charm and character to your farmhouse decor and make for functional decorative pieces. It is important to note that you should not clean glass bottles, as they may still contain rust and other remnants of their former lives. You can also choose unexpected items to mount on your walls, such as an old quilt. These can also be framed for texture.

Beadboard walls

Beadboard walls in antique farmhouse decor are an excellent choice for rooms that need a more rustic look. These walls give rooms a sense of depth and dimension. You can also opt for a real shiplap on the walls for a more authentic look. However, if you’re new to the style, it’s best to start small and apply shiplap in a small room, such as a living room or a bathroom. The shiplap will provide a foundation for hanging another decor.

Beadboard walls are especially suitable for bedrooms. These rooms are the most private spaces in the home, so making them relaxing and inspiring is essential. No one wants to spend their nights in a room that looks uninspiring. You can use a beadboard to cover the ceiling, too. This will give your room a unique look, and it’s especially appealing for bedrooms with slanted walls or under eaves.

Whitewashed furniture

If you’re planning to redecorate your home with antique farmhouse decor, it’s worth considering whitewashed furniture. This type of paint is known to emphasize the wood grain of the pieces. Apply whitewash using a paintbrush and allow it to soak into the wood grain for a few minutes. Once dry, remove any excess paint using a lint-free cloth. Whitewashed furniture has a rustic, homey feel that evokes feelings of warmth and relaxation.

Whitewashed furniture is the most common type of antique furniture in the antique farmhouse decor style. It’s a simple, elegant way to add a traditional, old-world feel to your home. You can use whitewashed wood for everything from a china cabinet to a wall organizer.

Repurposed items

Repurposed items are an essential part of antique farmhouse decor. Old wooden crates, for example, can be turned into plant stands. Alternatively, you can use reclaimed wood to create floating wall shelves. Whatever the item, be sure to find one that has a rustic charm.

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Vintage etchings

Antique etchings are a great way to incorporate an antique feel into your home decor. They are inexpensive and can be found for as little as $25 per piece. In addition, they can be grouped to create a unified look. Etchings are also great for farmhouse decor because of their neutral colors. They add charm and history to any room. These prints also make a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home.

When choosing vintage etchings for your home decor, you’ll want to consider the colors of the original work. While it’s common to see black and white used together, you may want to consider muted versions that are more neutral. For example, try combining black with light gray or charcoal to create a warm, neutral look.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display beautiful objects in your home. Whether you’re displaying books, photos, or rustic decorative items, these shelves can give your space a vintage look. In addition, you can choose from various materials and designs to find one that fits your home’s overall theme and style.

If you’re decorating with antique farmhouse decor, you’ll want to choose rustic shelves with an old-fashioned look. For example, you can purchase antique-style wood shelves with a rusted look or a whitewash finish. Using these shelves in an antique farmhouse, you can hang a quilt frame to add texture to the space.

Gallery walls

When planning to hang art on your walls, gallery walls are a great way to add interest. To make this look work for your antique farmhouse decor, consider creating a gallery wall with equal-sized items. Then, using a measuring tape, you can locate the center of the wall and place the art at equally spaced points. You can also create a gallery wall with printed pages from old books by tearing pages from your favorite book and sewing them to a frayed linen mat for a textured background. You can also use vintage art mounted on the wall with simple clips.

If you don’t want to hang paintings on the walls, you can always hang wire organizers on the walls. They can be hung from the ceiling or on the walls and covered with twine or burlap for extra protection. Another great idea is to hang a peony-framed arrangement on the wall. These paper flowers won’t wilt, and their slight color on the leaves and petals add warmth to the wall color.