How to Find the Best Guest Posting Sites


To find the ideal guest posting sites, it is essential to identify topics that resonate with your target audience. Utilize tools to identify popular articles and search terms related to your subject matter; additionally, look for quality content while adhering to all site regulations and policies. Steps to Publish Guest Posts from Google News Approved Blogs.

Cloudways, for instance, is a cloud-hosting website that regularly publishes guest posts covering SaaS, technology, and marketing—making it ideal for brands who aim to target tech-savvy audiences.

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Guest posting sites are an effective way to expand your reach and promote your business, but finding relevant websites with high DA, TF, and CF metrics will give your posts more weight when SEOing them. Seek websites with high domain authority (DA), traffic flow (TF), and page views per session (CPS) metrics to pass link juice and improve domain authority (DA).

Find a guest posting service that specializes in your niche, such as Uplers for quality content creation, Loganix to ensure link stability or FatJoe to streamline the process with its money-back guarantee and multilingual outreach options.


If you want to write about technology, there are various guest posting sites you can utilize. These provide access to helpful information about new technologies while simultaneously helping promote your business. What is the best way to Publish Guest Posts?

Medium is one of the premier platforms for writing about technology. Covering everything from science to culture, Medium offers a vast audience that could help drive traffic directly to your website.

DivvyHQ is another excellent platform for writing about technology. It publishes content related to Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Website Development/Building.


Guest blogging on quality websites enables you to spread your thoughts to a broader audience and expand your writing abilities with feedback from professionals. In turn, this helps expand your reach while building lasting relationships between readers.

Make sure the websites you select boast an impressive Ahrefs Domain Authority score and do not simply act as glorified PBNs. For instance, Uplers only works with quality blogs and ensures their links are relevant to the content. Their team of writers also produces unique posts.


Business blogging can be one of the most powerful strategies for marketing your company. It allows you to reach new audiences, build trust among potential customers, and simultaneously increase search engine optimization rankings and online visibility. The best guide on Publish Guest Posts on Pensivly?

Women Partner offers articles for female entrepreneurs and accepts guest posts on a range of topics related to business life, while Accounting Web also accepts guest posts on relevant matters. Loganix provides dofollow links with quality evaluation processes suited for businesses looking to increase their domain authority.


As a health coach or wellness-oriented business, you can benefit from building your presence on websites that host guest posts related to health. Doing so can increase SEO rankings while simultaneously exposing your brand to its target market.

Social media provides ample opportunities for health-related guest blogging. Join communities, groups, and forums related to health-based blogs to submit guest posts as a guest author.

Digital Health Today welcomes articles on technology topics related to healthcare, mobile apps, software, and the web. Well-researched and informative pieces are preferred.


Are you hoping to increase the visibility of your lifestyle brand? Submitting guest posting content could be just what’s necessary. These high-traffic sites are great platforms for gaining recognition for yourself or your products/services.

These blogs cover various subjects related to writing and content marketing. Many also host guest posts from prominent marketers; Copyblogger specializes in writing craft, while John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing covers marketing topics from copywriting to strategy.

Adsy is a user-friendly service that connects buyers and publishers. Package options range by domain authority and traffic levels; there is a no-risk policy, and refunds can be requested.


To promote your business effectively, you must produce high-quality content and submit it to the most effective guest posting sites. Content marketing software may also help you maximize the benefits of your efforts.

Be sure to select a service that prioritizes quality websites when selecting them for promotion. Use tools such as Semrush or Ahrefs to analyze their DR and traffic metrics, making sure they’re not spammy or low-quality. It is also crucial that they have a significant following on Twitter or Facebook for maximum impact.


Pet—and animal-themed websites can be effective ways to distribute content and build backlinks. By publishing guest posts on these websites, you can increase brand recognition while simultaneously drawing in new customers.

Finding pet blogs that accept guest posts may seem daunting, but there are techniques you can use to locate them more quickly and efficiently. One strategy is analyzing the backlinks of competitors in your niche to see where their links come from; this may help identify suitable pet blogging websites for guest blogging posts.
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Guest blogging can be an effective link-building strategy and business promotion method; however, it is key to finding a site that accepts your content and fits your niche.

One way of accomplishing this goal is by using a tool that lists websites by industry/niche, saving both time and effort.

Utilizing tools like Semrush can help you quickly locate websites accepting guest posts. Once found, check their submission guidelines to see if they fit your requirements before submitting an article for submission.


For a sports blogger or website owner, guest posting can be one of the most effective link-building strategies. Not only does it improve search ranking and draw targeted traffic, but it can also strengthen authority and credibility.

Finding websites that accept guest posts related to your topic with real audiences is the key. Submit content that fits their guidelines. Double-check submissions so as to avoid common mistakes and ensure high-quality articles – this will make getting published easier while simultaneously showing that you’re professional and follow the rules.