Jerry Lorenzo – The Essentials Fear of God Sand T-Shirt


Jerry Lorenzo’s authentic Essentials Tees draw their inspiration from vintage athletic wear. Constructed for comfort and durability, these everyday staples feature a complete legit check guide to identify whether or not your Essentials Fear of God Tee is real or fake below:

One easy way to verify an item as genuine is by looking at its wash tag. Fake tees will often feature thinly written inscriptions compared with authentic tags, giving away their authenticity.


The first step to recognizing counterfeit Essentials hoodies is taking a close look at their packaging. Absolute Essentials products typically come in sturdy boxes with the brand logo and product information printed directly on them, while fake products tend to come in cheap plastic bags more prone to ripping or being crushed during transit. When looking at fabric samples from counterfeit hoodies on secondhand marketplaces, look out for fabrics like soft cotton with material tags that state “100% cotton” or “cotton blend”; bold font should indicate authenticity for authentic hoodies made from natural products!

Authentic Fear of God shirts feature crisp, transparent logos printed directly onto the shirt. In contrast, fake tees often sport distorted or misstitched symbols that give away their authenticity. You can verify a shirt’s authenticity by inspecting its wash tag; authentic Fear of God tees feature text that doesn’t seem too thin, while fakes may have excessive text thickness.

Jerry Lorenzo debuted ESSENTIALS with PacSun in 2015. This collection offers practical pieces designed for everyday essentials with earth-toned palettes and quality construction – each piece embodying Jerry’s values of integrity and authenticity – outlasting fleeting trends while representing PacSun’s values. ESSENTIALS stands out with timeless silhouettes made from exceptional materials for maximum everyday pleasure.

Wash Tag

Real Fear of God t-shirts features a legible wash tag on the rear side, reading things such as “100% COTTON”, RN# 090233″, and “OVER FOR CARE”. Additionally, you can tell whether a tee is fake by looking at its neck tag: fakes have too thin an indentation and poor font, while genuine ones feature thicker font and thicker lettering.

Fear of God Essentials tops feature an assortment of silhouettes to accommodate every preference, from women’s tees to rugby tops – designed for everyday wear and reflecting the brand ethos, these pieces showcase an oversized fit with rubberized branding as signature features, while its signature Fear of God logo proudly displays itself on the upper back.

Jerry Lorenzo established Fear of God Essentials as an affordable extension to his mainline label, and it has quickly become a favorite among streetwear enthusiasts. Renowned for its high-quality production values and clean lines, its products are sought after by both fashionistas and sneakerheads alike. Popular pieces include its oversized flannels and short-sleeved hoodies, which trendsetters worldwide have come to appreciate. FOG Essentials collection boasts neutral hues and simple designs perfect for complementing any wardrobe: dark shorts for monochromatic effects or light jeans that add contrasts. They look great worn with sneakers or boots!

Neck Tag

Neck tags are an integral component of authentic Fear of God Essentials tees, helping you distinguish them from fake versions. Check for any inscriptions on the neck tag to make sure that their thickness does not vary too greatly from authentic items; many fake t-shirts have much thinner text.

Cotton construction makes this essential long-sleeve jersey tee perfect for daily wear, with its modern rubberized logo on the chest and Essentials label at the back collar. Pair this top with jeans or shorts for the ideal everyday ensemble!

Fear of God was thrust onto the streetwear stage in 2012 thanks to Jerry Lorenzo’s oversized flannels and zipper-accented jeans, which quickly gained worldwide acclaim. Now, its high production values have been applied to core and seasonal pieces via its new collection ESSENTIALS, an initiative that showcases Fear of God’s unique understanding of silhouette and proportion.

Add FOG x ESSENTIALS styles to your tee collection for maximum impact, from casual Netflix binges and skate park visits to house parties or housewarmings! Their neutral palette and subdued branding make these tees perfect additions for every casual event – not only will you look stylish, but the branding will be subtle, too.


The Essentials Fear of God collection draws its inspiration from vintage athletic wear to offer an iconic selection of staples. Boasting spring hues with signature branding throughout, this women’s cotton ribbed t-shirt comes with a rubberized logo at the chest – pair it with matching Fear of God shorts for an ideal look! NB – it does fit larger than usual, so we recommend selecting one size down from your regular fit when selecting. Made in the United States. Please email us with any measurements, questions, or flaws pictured; all measures are approximate. All defects or issues shown are visible in pictures. All measurements are approximate.