Open Farms Cat Food Review


Ethical sourcing and ingredient transparency make this brand an excellent choice for pet parents who seek only the best for their furry friends. Their dry kibble and wet food recipes include Wild-caught Salmon, Catch-of-the-season Whitefish, Homestead Chicken, and Pasture-raised Lamb options – so they can meet even the pickiest eater’s standards!

These wet food recipes combine nutrient-rich kibble with freeze-dried raw meat, plus pumpkin, chicory root, herring oil, cranberries, and oils that provide above-average cat nutrition levels.


Open Farm offers holistic and natural pet foods made with ingredients pet parents can trace back to where they originated before arriving at their factory. Open Farm uses humanely raised or wild-caught animal proteins as the first ingredient and vegetables and fruits for nutrient-rich nutrition, including coconut oil, squash, green lentils, chickpeas, dandelion greens, and cranberries for micronutrient support.

This company offers dry and moist food in various flavors, with most recipes featuring high meat content and minimal carbohydrates. They use natural ingredients that are easy to digest, no artificial flavors or preservatives are added, they only use organic vegetables, meats, and herbs grown organically as ingredients, and none of their products contain preservatives or artificial flavoring.

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning their metabolism requires nutrients only found in meat to function optimally. Cats need protein, essential fatty acids, and specific vitamins and minerals from meat sources in their food supply; when looking for complete and balanced cat food solutions, look for labels stating it meets AAFCO nutritional standards as a sign.

Valens Farmer recipe by Open Farm features tender chicken and turkey as the primary sources of protein, with a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio for skin and coat health, antioxidant vitamins A & E to boost immune health, calcium & phosphorus supplements to support strong teeth & bones and other fortifying ingredients such as iron.


Identity Pet Nutrition offers high-quality food options to help ensure a longer, healthier life for cats and dogs alike, including dry/wet meals and raw options sourced ethically and produced in the US. In addition, they also offer treats and meal enhancers.

The company offers nutritionally dense recipes featuring protein as the primary component, along with healthy amounts of animal-based fats and carbs, using real meat from farms or wild-caught fish to ensure your pet receives all of the necessary vitamins for a long and fulfilling life. Plus, their food is free from artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, or fillers!

This food is produced on a family-owned farm in Brainerd, Minnesota, and sources animals free from antibiotics and hormones for slaughtering. Their fish sources adhere to strict sustainability standards, while their recipes have been designed to meet your pet’s specific nutritional requirements – with simple and fresh being critical principles of their philosophy of sustainability.

Petcurean offers an impressive variety of dry formulas, wet food options, raw options, and treats designed to satisfy every pet owner. Their Build Your Bowl quiz lets owners learn more about their pet’s breed, age, activity level, protein preference, weight requirements, etc., before providing food recommendations that would best meet them.


Open Farm is an upscale cat food provider offering pet owners many options for feeding their cat(s). Their food features sustainably raised or caught meats and organic fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrition. Though these products may be more costly than similar offerings elsewhere, their worth outweighs any price differential. You can purchase Open Farm products online through Chewy or local pet supplies stores.

The company website features a pet profile quiz designed to assist owners in selecting food suitable for their pets. This interactive survey covers your pet’s age, size, activity level, eating habits, and health goals before providing a meal plan and advice regarding daily feed amounts.

Once you have selected the food for your pet, a subscription service offers easy ordering. Choose from options including dry food, rustic stews, freeze-dried raw, gently cooked food treats, and bone broth from various local farms and fisheries; ethical sourcing guarantees ingredients free from antibiotics, growth hormones, and animals raised under humane conditions.

This company’s meals are nutritionally dense, boasting higher percentages of proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals than other brands while remaining less expensive than premium alternatives – though they remain more costly than standard kibble and wet food options.


Open Farm provides dry and wet cat food in recyclable cartons, along with treats and supplements made of humanely raised or wild-caught animal proteins as the first ingredient of its recipes, providing healthy weight loss through low carbohydrates and improved digestive function. They use non-GMO ingredients without artificial additives for an enjoyable dining experience!

Minnesota-based manufacturer The Natural Pantry’s products are proudly produced on a 2,000-acre farm dedicated to ethically sourcing top-quality ingredients. This includes using animal proteins that are antibiotic and growth hormone-free as well as sustainable seafood from certified fisheries; vegetables and legumes grown without pesticides and chemicals are also included, along with superfoods like dandelion greens, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, and cranberries for extra nutrition and flavor!

As consumers become more conscious of the environmental impacts associated with pet foods, they’re demanding more sustainable options. Companies have responded by creating pet foods with reduced climate impacts, such as transportation emissions, land usage emissions, and production of waste products. Furthermore, alternative protein sources, like black soldier fly protein, reduce greenhouse gasses and pollutants in the atmosphere by using less conventional protein sources, like beef or chicken.