What Are Snoods?


Snoods are versatile, loose-fitting scarves that can be adjusted to provide varying levels of warmth and protection. They are also sometimes referred to as tube scarves or infinity scarves since they can be pulled up and draped over the head like a hat.

Snoods have been around for centuries and, in fact, are the ancestor of some modern head coverings, including Muslim hijabs and nun habits. They were trendy in the late 19th century when they served as practical hair accessories for women working outside, protecting their hair from getting tangled or matted while tending to farmwork, cleaning, or working in factories.

Traditionally, snoods were made from a net-like bag of fabric or yarn that was pinned around a lady’s hair and neck. They were very similar to the caul that was worn by Elizabethan gentlewomen, which held the hair in a gathered bag at the back of the head or neck and could be tied or pinned with combs or pins.

Today, noodles can be knitted or crocheted, with some having more open, net-like loops than others. They are a great alternative to a hat or headscarf and are comfortable, stylish, and practical.

This snood in black offers next-to-skin comfort, is anti-bacterial and is machine-washable. The lightweight Merino jersey fabric wicks moisture to help you stay cool and dry, and its seamless design reduces irritation. It’s the perfect choice for active wearers and sports fans, who will appreciate the UV protection this snood provides, too. If you prefer a more casual look, this snood in red tulip print is a lovely face covering with a natural-looking pattern.