Laugh Out Loud With These Funny Jokes About Asians


Following an outbreak of violence against Asians, comedians are reconsidering their jokes and even offering an apology for past offensive ones.

Even as Asian Americans become increasingly represented in media and pop culture, stereotypical jokes that reinforce harmful stereotypes still find their way into open-mic spaces and comedy clubs – these jokes aren’t funny; they’re racist and offensive.

1. Asians are asexual

Since their inclusion, Asian male characters have long been stereotyped as nerdy, weak, or effeminate characters. This belief stems from the “model minority myth”, which states that Asians possess natural intelligence that gives them an edge over white counterparts, but that intelligence comes at the cost of social awkwardness, inability to interact with women, or disownment by family for failing to marry and produce children.

Things are beginning to change, though; Asian comedians such as Ken Jeong and Ali Wong are making waves in comedy circles by breaking down barriers while debunking stereotypes such as Asians being all work and no play.

Asians in the entertainment industry are going beyond comedy to make an impactful statement about diversity and inclusivity in film. Actress Jennifer Dang has made it her mission to increase representation for Asian actors.

Dang’s goal is to demonstrate that one’s sexuality should not dictate one’s career choice. Alongside acting in film and TV roles, she has written her screenplays and produced content for TikTok. Tired of hearing about how her ethnicity prevents her from pursuing comedy or any other career paths, Dang advocates that people focus more on talent than race – “I want to disprove this idea that only certain types of people can be funny,” as she put it.

2. Asians are sexless

American stereotypes about Asians typically cast them in the role of being a “model minority.” While highly educated, well-off, low crime rate, responsible parents, etc., make for attractive characteristics in an ideal minority group, Asians also sometimes have been perceived as lacking social activity and sexually desirable partners. Thanks to comedians such as Ken Jeong and Ali Wong, comedy performances that feature Asian representation onstage are on the rise – along with jokes that break these damaging stereotypes!

Be it family dynamics or cultural references, Asian jokes will certainly amuse. From silly idioms to cheeky puns, these comical gems will undoubtedly give you a good chuckle!

Laughter truly is the best medicine, so what better time than now to enjoy some humor than during this holiday season? So grab your friend some wine or eggnog and check out these hilarious jokes about Asians; from slapstick to subtle comedy, these one-liners are sure to keep everyone laughing for days to come!

3. Asians are racist

Asians can often be perceived as racist because they do not appreciate being made fun of or harassed by other men; all they want is for someone to leave them alone.

Stereotypes about Asians may be both offensive and inaccurate; many are founded in racism, prejudice, and ignorance. People should exercise care when making jokes about Asians; it’s best to approach humor with a light heart and an open mind.

Asians are widely respected for their hard work and diligence, yet are subjected to racism both here and internationally. According to the 2022 STAATUS Index, one out of every five Americans hold Asians responsible for the coronavirus pandemic as at least partially responsible.

Due to harmful beliefs about themselves and other Asians, Asians tend to keep quiet instead of advocating for themselves. Further complicating matters, Asians can often be divided by languages, cultural traditions, and age differences, which makes coming together for advocacy challenging.

Asian comedians are working hard to break these stereotypes through humor. One such comedian is Summers, who is actively working to increase Asian representation in comedy. She performs at top clubs around the country and boasts millions of followers on TikTok; through her humor, she fights stereotypes and prejudice, such as the perception that Asians cannot be humorous.

4. Asians are fat

Asians may be well known for their small breasts, but did you know they also carry around quite a lot of fat? Their body needs to support all this weight while walking! So, next time you see an Asian walking down the street, don’t be shy about giving them a big hug and spreading love and affection – they might need it!

Dark jokes may not be suitable for everyone, but they are sure to bring laughter to any audience. Dark humor offers a way to lighten sensitive topics while maintaining humor and edge – and there is undoubtedly an array of styles out there sure to delight all audiences.

One of the easiest and funniest ways to tell an Asian joke is using their accent. Koreans are most straightforward to understand as they sound as though they’re speaking in a dream, while Vietnamese come off as saying as though they have just taken some cocaine! Just keep in mind that two Wongs don’t equal a white!

5. Asians are lazy

Asian jokes offer plenty of amusing material, from slighting traditions and stereotypes to lighthearted banter about stereotypes. While some of them may be “Politically Incorrect,” no collection of Asian humor would be complete without them!

Why was an Asian chef let go? Because he could neither work nor roll.

What is a Chinese chef known for when things go awry in his or her kitchen? A mess in a bowl.

How can you tell if you have an Asian neighbor? Listen for them making noise – Bing ling, wata ling!

Why doesn’t the Asian ghost haunt the library? Perhaps because there are too many books with souls.

How do you make an Asian person less Asian? By spinning him around until he becomes disoriented.

Why do some people believe Chinese people to be less intelligent than Americans? Because their language differs.

What do you call a lazy Asian? A noodle on a string.

As comedy becomes an all-or-nothing endeavor, finding appropriate racial jokes may be challenging. However, it’s important to remember that not everyone finds them funny; in fact, some may see them offensive or insulting. It ultimately depends on each comedian as to the type of humor she decides to employ, and if you want more racial humor, check out our list of racist Asian jokes for more laughter!

6. Asians are sexless

Asians in the US are seen as “model minorities” with high education levels and socioeconomic status, yet are frequently accused of being sexually inactive. Many speculate this stems from an unwillingness to discuss sexual activities openly within family settings due to fear of appearing “dirty”, while cultural expectations also encourage young Asians to prioritise academic achievements over relationships.

Although Asian comedians remain stereotyped in mainstream comedy scenes, their numbers are growing and debunking them through comedy performances and defiance of stereotypes. One such comedian is Katow, who uses her humor to address discrimination against Asians and increase representation within comedy industries such as Laugh Factory. Additionally, she boasts millions of followers on TikTok and runs her club in San Francisco.

Katow’s jokes are an effective way to lift spirits and bring laughter quickly. She doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects or push boundaries of what’s considered acceptable while remaining clean and fun; from playful jabs at traditions or stereotypes to light-hearted banter about stereotypes, her humor never ceases to leave audiences laughing in laughter!