Top 5 Songs About Doors


These songs about doors will speak directly to your soul – whether that be love, heartache, or future optimism. From Guns N’ Roses to The Moody Blues – here is our compilation of some of the finest songs with doors in their titles!

This song begins with the sound of a door closing and then gradually transitions to exploring how every ending brings new beginnings.

The Doors

The Doors were one of the pioneering groups to make underground rock popular during the 1960s, creating music with both dark and poetic lyrics that explored topics such as death and deception. Their mysterious charm captivated an audience, who were fascinated with them. Their diverse influences provided songs with unique characters that kept audiences coming back for more.

Their psychedelic rock music fused many genres into its songs, from blues and jazz to droning guitars and cascading keyboards for a unique sound that was unlike anything heard previously at that time – becoming a significant influence among other bands during that period.

Jim Morrison’s mystical command of frontman duties was essential to The Doors’ success, but without Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger’s brilliant keyboard tapestries and expressive fretwork – their instrumental trio could navigate any musical terrain seamlessly, from art-rock to blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll & beyond.

The Doors were most successful at creating atmospheres of ominous sunshine, primordial serpents, and strange creatures inhabiting Laurel Canyon. Their sound embodied the apocalyptic animalistic imagery found in books by Aldous Huxley, Arthur Rimbaud, and William Blake; their lyrics could often be incendiary and sexualized while sounding more like transmissions from an acid trip than conventional rock bands.

The legacy of The Beatles is immense, and their music still reverberates today. Their songs continue to influence other musicians while being featured in movies and TV shows, touching an entirely new generation. Their legacy lives on through younger listeners today who view these timeless tunes as part of our cultural heritage.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses have long been revered among music lovers across the globe. Members have come and gone from the band, yet its legacy lives on today as fans enjoy listening to new material by them.

Gun N’ Roses has created an unforgettable sound and style that transcends multiple genres, appealing to audiences across generations and music tastes. Their songs often boast strong sexual lyrics with guitar-heavy music. Influences from this band’s music include other rock artists (such as grunge), movies, video games, and television shows alike – with its music also becoming featured on television series like Breaking Bad or featured as soundtrack music in video games or movies based on them. Furthermore, its merchandise remains immensely popular worldwide!

Guns N’ Roses quickly rose to prominence on the Sunset Strip during the early ’80s alongside Motley Crue and other bands like them, helping define Hair Metal, an offshoot of rock that featured heavy guitars and loud vocals.

Guns N’ Roses were one of the few groups at that time who attempted to create more complex musical visions through albums like Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion that showcased a more diverse band, featuring balladry inspired by Elton John as well as blues, horn sections, and even epic art-rock compositions that went ten minutes in length.

Though some fans may have been turned off by the band’s provocative images and wild behavior, its members took steps to change it. Through third-party partnerships and global brand promotion efforts, they promoted their music globally while building up an enormous worldwide fan base that has allowed them to sell millions of records worldwide – a testament to both their talent and creativity in reaching different audiences with their music.

The Moody Blues

Few musical acts have had as significant an effect on popular culture as The Moody Blues, selling millions of albums around the globe and becoming part of popular culture through movies, TV shows, and advertisements. Their songs are well known for their melodies and harmonies – inspiring many artists across generations.

The Moody Blues were formed in 1964 in England’s West Midlands region. Although initially composed of blues rock musicians, their musical direction eventually transitioned towards progressive rock. Their first two albums, Days of Future Passed and In Search of the Lost Chord, became massive hits; their third release, To Our Children’s Children’s Children, was more ambitious yet less well-received at its release time.

But the Moodies were still thriving with their thoughtfully produced LPs, using studio technology to develop their unique sound by overdubbing voices and instruments to make distinctive symphonic sounds that were uniquely their own. One of the first bands to do so, they had established their distinct style.

Teddy Pendergrass’s Close the Door is a song about relationships that have ended, but hope of reconciliation remains between the two parties. Sung in a melancholy tone with lyrics conveying optimism, this tune serves as an anthem of romance and longing that fans of Pendergrass love listening to.

The Moodies continued their success with their subsequent two albums, On the Threshold of a Dream and A Day in the Life of Everyman, both featuring complex musical ideas influenced by psychedelia in each track.


Joeboy is a Nigerian singer-songwriter who has transformed the music industry with his hit “Door.” This melancholy yet hopeful track explores love and heartbreak, one of Joeboy’s most beloved tracks, which captures all the feelings people experience in relationships.

This song is an emotional testament to the end of a relationship, serving as a reminder that there’s always hope for a fresh start after each door closes. The lyrics convey both their deep love for one another and its beautiful composition – it will touch everyone who listens!

“Leave the Door Open,” an iconic country song, is another fantastic tribute to doors. Written by Christopher Brody Brown, Philip Lawrence, and Christopher A. Brody for Shampoo Press & Curl Productions Ltd, it serves as a poignant reminder that life goes on after death.

From rock anthems to modern pop-folk jams, doors have long been an icon in music. Not just functional or aesthetic in their appearance, doors also represent hope, renewal, and closure for many of us. This article will feature some of the greatest songs about doors that have inspired musicians for generations; timeless classics, as well as current hits, are guaranteed to delight and excite listeners of any era! So sit back and take pleasure from this selection of timeless tracks about doors! For even more great tunes, check out our articles about songs about discovery windows fire!

Ben & Ben

Filipino folk-pop duo Ben&Ben has gained international attention as an innovative contemporary hugot singer/duo. First, they made waves when their piece “Tinatangi” won second runner-up at PhilPop 2016; it proved that hugot songs can be hip and trendy while simultaneously celebrating Filipino language culture. Since then, they have created waves in the music scene as they tour around countrywide venues.

Famed for their soul-stirring performances, this group’s harmonies and lyrics speak of everyday truths as well as life’s imperfections. Their songs resonate deeply with many Filipinos as they tell tales about hopes, dreams, frustrations, and fulfillment – as well as failures and triumphs – with music reflecting both the dynamic richness of Filipino culture.

Ben&Ben’s song, “Doors,” explores communication and emotional openness within relationships. In it, the narrator expresses how there’s been an apparent gap between them due to unspoken thoughts or certain things not being said aloud; therefore, this song serves as a call to reconnect and open up to one’s partner more fully.

Ben Folds has created an exquisite song, “Every Breath I Take,” and it shows his extraordinary talent for crafting catchy melodies that tap into various emotions of his listeners – an invaluable skill all musicians should develop.

Ben Folds is an extraordinary musician renowned for creating his distinctive style of music that has inspired generations of young musicians. He has enjoyed success in both mainstream and independent genres and remains a prominent influencer. Ben has collaborated with Tomeka Reid and Black Monks of Mississippi; critics praise their creative, distinctive songs.