Saz American Brasserie


Saz – American Brasserie on Camac Street, London, is a vegetarian eatery serving small plates that are flavourful, shareable, and delicious. If you love seasoned potato wedges, try the Spanish Potatoes, served with a spicy harissa sauce. For an additional kick, try the tangy dressing and garlic curd drizzle.


SAZ American Brasserie is a chic Tucson restaurant featuring modern American fare and spirit-based craft cocktails. This restaurant features an elegant setting and a private cabin where guests can enjoy butler service and private dining. The restaurant also features a cigar lounge and a play station for those wishing to enjoy Netflix shows and music.

SAZ American Brasserie is a stylish restaurant with high ceilings and full-length windows. Located on the ground floor of the mall, this restaurant offers indoor/outdoor seating and a cocktail bar. The interior design of the restaurant is elegant and opulent, veering between retro-chic and playful pop styles. It features chandeliers and bunny-patterned wallpaper. The restaurant is owned by Pass Code Hospitality, which also owns PCO and Jamun.

SAZ Brookie

The SAZ American Brasserie in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers upscale American cuisine in a glamorous setting. You can sample its modern American fare and indulge in spirit-based craft cocktails, all served in a chic, upscale setting. The restaurant also features a private cabin titled “A Ta Maison.” The cabin, which is about 350 square feet, is lavishly decorated with plush couches, bookshelves, and vintage collectibles. The private cabin can be booked for a certain amount of time and includes butler service, music and cigar collections, and a play station for watching Netflix.

The interior design of the restaurant is modern and spacious, with full-length windows overlooking the courtyard and mall below. The interior combines an elegant and whimsical pop aesthetic, with lavish chandeliers and bunny rabbit wallpaper. The restaurant’s menu features classic American fare as well as modern, gourmet twists on classics.

SAZ Brookie with salted caramel ice cream, popcorn, and sea salt

Prepare the caramel popcorn using a dutch oven or large mixing bowl. Heat 1 tablespoon of canola oil in a dutch oven. Add popcorn and toss with the caramel sauce. Boil for 4-5 minutes. Let cool, then spoon into a serving bowl.

The salted caramel ice cream adds an extra special touch. It is a perfect dessert to enjoy alone or with a lover. The SAZ Brookie is a delicious treat that is best shared by two people. The Passion Fruit Cheesecake is another must-try dessert.

Ricotta and chilli oil toast

Saz American Brasserie is an eclectic dining room, with high-stool bar areas and knick-knacks in the corner. The restaurant also offers a live pizza station and a lovely outdoor patio. Plush colors, wooden flooring, and cane lamps provide a relaxed vibe.

The decor and service are both upbeat and elegant, with high ceilings and full-length windows, making the space look airy. The design is a mix of traditional Italian and modern, with bunny rabbit wallpaper and elaborate chandeliers. The restaurant is owned by Pass Code Hospitality, which also owns PCO and Jamun.

SAZ – American Brasserie

SAZ – American Brasserie is a gourmet food kitchen and specialized cocktail den that blends a contemporary NYC aesthetic with Old-World Americana. The restaurant takes its name from the classic New Orleans cocktail, the Sazerac. The food menu features contemporary versions of classic American dishes.

The restaurant offers an all-day dining kitchen and a cocktail bar. It is known for its inventive use of locally sourced ingredients. It also serves a large variety of spirits. The atmosphere is glitzy and the drinks are top-notch.

SAZ Cafe

In addition to offering classic American fare in a refined and luxurious setting, SAZ American Brasserie also offers a wide range of cocktails. SAZ also offers a full-service bar and an all-day dining kitchen. The ricotta and chilli oil toast is a new addition. It’s made with sourdough bread and topped with ricotta and goat’s cheese. It’s a delicious combination and is indicative of the food philosophy of chef Hanoze Shroff, who champions locally-grown produce, home-baked bread, and fermented foods.

The interiors of SAZ are a contrast between traditional and modern. The large, airy restaurant features high ceilings and full-length windows. The restaurant also has an indoor/outdoor area that lets diners enjoy the outdoors. The design is both elegant and casual, with lavish chandeliers and bunny-themed wallpaper. The restaurant is owned by Pass Code Hospitality, which is also behind PCO and Jamun.

SAZ by the Beach

SAZ American Brasserie by the Beach is an innovative cocktail den and gourmet kitchen that mixes contemporary aesthetics with classic Old-World Americana. The restaurant is named after the cocktail “Saz,” which is a New Orleans classic, and serves food and drinks in a laid-back and fun way. The menu highlights contemporary culinary classics with a New Orleans twist.

SAZ’s food philosophy is based on seasonal and local ingredients. The menu has an emphasis on using locally sourced produce and home-baked bread. There’s a sourdough version with goat’s and ricotta cheeses and five types of heirloom tomatoes.