The Legal Eagle and Claim to Fame


Whether you know about it or not, you may have heard of the Legal Eagle, a YouTube channel and blog run by an American lawyer. His channel and blog have received some attention in the last year or so, as he has been recognized as a leading voice in the world of legal education.

YouTube channel

Founded by Devin James Stone, LegalEagle is a YouTube channel that provides legal knowledge about popular real-life cases. The videos explain the basic concepts of law, court cases, and other legal terms. The content aims to educate people about the laws of the US.

The channel features several series. One of the main series is Real Life, Real Law Reviews, which presents real-life legal scenarios. The videos also discuss popular misconceptions about the law.

Another popular series is Real Lawyer Reacts, which reviews real-life law scenarios in movies and TV shows. The show is hosted by a lawyer who explains law from a legal perspective.

The channel also has a side project called True Crime, which tackles some of the most complex legal questions. The videos feature stylized narration and voice acting.

The channel is free to watch. It provides news, articles, events, and important legal topics. It also highlights the culture at the NYU School of Law.


Taking a gander at the LegalEagle website, one will find that the channel is all about the legal, albeit the legal in the sense of law and order. The site features a number of educational videos on various court concepts and judicial processes. It also has a link to the site’s law school prep service.

The site has an impressive number of other content pillars including an enticing law school quiz system, a list of law school majors, and links to the legal eagle’s two blogs. The site has a large collection of free content on legal topics and a nifty feature that allows visitors to share their favorite legal videos with friends. Several of the best articles on the site have been uploaded by LegalEagle’s community of lawyers, law students, and legal geeks.

The LegalEagle website is worth a visit for its nifty little legal lessons and the wacky and whimsical legal videos that follow.

Radio show

Despite a decade-long hiatus, the Legal Eagle radio show has returned. The oh-so-named program is hosted by two NCCU law professors. It airs on WMVO (100.9 FM & 1300 AM) and WNCU 90.7 FM. This program is sponsored by the law school and covers everything from the latest legal news to legal oddities to the best local legal tidbits. Guests include lawyers and other legal professionals.

The Legal Eagle Radio Show is one of the most popular shows on the airwaves. In fact, it has been awarded three accolades, including a coveted award in the CT Society of Professional Journalists’ annual excellence awards competition. The most impressive part about Legal Eagle is that it is free of charge. The Legal Eagle is a weekly talk show that covers all facets of the legal system. This week, the program will feature a SEOLS attorney, Ann Roche. The show will also feature a local animal shelter director and a leading criminal defense lawyer.

Claim to fame

During Claim to Fame, twelve contestants with famous relatives compete in a reality show. They compete in contests every episode, and the winner receives immunity. In the finale, the grand prize was $100,000.

The show is hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas. The contestants have to guess the relative of each other. They stand face-to-face while they’re trying to determine who their relative is. In the end, the player who correctly guesses the relative wins. Then, the player who guessed another relative gets a bonus clue.

During the show, the players are challenged to figure out celebrity relationships. This includes a case involving President Trump’s financial records. A second case involves members of the Electoral College who go rogue. The owners of Itchy and Scratchy are also questioned about their Manhattan Mouse. The winner of the game, Pepper, is awarded $100,000.

In 2012, John R. McLaughlin was named one of the Top 50 attorneys in Arizona by Southwest Super Lawyers. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Hartford and his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis. He’s been listed in The Best Lawyers in America (r) since 2007.