Deals of America – A Comparison Between Deals of America and Other Discount Gift Certificate Websites


If you are looking to buy discount gift certificates, you have probably seen the website deals of America. While the website is a good source of gift certificates, it isn’t the only one. We’ve written a comparison article between deals of America and other discount gift certificate websites. Keep reading to learn about some of the problems with the deals of America and a few alternatives.

Alternatives to Deals of America

If you’re looking for deals daily, some alternatives to Deals of America are worth checking out. These sites have daily deals on electronics, home goods, furniture, and more. They also have some amazing cashback offers. You don’t need to register or provide credit card details to buy on these sites.

Another popular website is Deal Catcher. Like Deals of America, Deal Catcher helps people save money online. This site has been online for more than a decade, has over six million page views, and offers deals from more than 4000 merchants. Another popular site is eDealinfo, which offers various exciting deals.

TopCashback is another site similar to Deals of America, offering deals and coupons from retailers in different categories. It also allows users to use Bitcoins to make purchases. The site is also very easy to navigate and provides cashback on purchases. It is one of the most popular deals of American alternatives.

Comparison of Deals of America with other discount gift certificate websites

It is important to compare the latest offers before purchasing discount gift certificates from different sites. Also, check the validity period and purchase policies. You should avoid scams and use reputable websites. Here are a few sites that offer discounts on gift certificates. Check their websites to find out which ones offer the best offers. You can also check their Better Business Bureau rating to find out whether any complaints have been filed against them.

Problems with Deals of America

There are a few problems with Deals of America. First of all, the company is not BBB accredited and does not follow the standards set by the Better Business Bureau. This is a major red flag that points to a scam. In addition, Deals of America has no physical products for sale. Instead, they offer coupons and e-codes. Because of this, the items purchased cannot be shipped to customers.

Many customers have complained about Deals of America’s services, and the available reviews are not flattering. One customer who ordered a TV from the company spent three months waiting to receive it and never received a refund. The customer even filed a complaint with the bank to get the charges reversed.

Another problem with Deals of America is that the company does not apply discount coupons until checkout. This can be especially problematic for people who have gift cards. For example, if a coupon for 20% off of a $50 Target gift card was applied to the product, the site only showed $40 when the customer reached the checkout.