How to Clean a Waffle Iron


Maintaining your waffle iron to keep it looking smudge-free requires regular cleaning. No matter what material it’s made from or what food you cook, here’s how to do so.

The initial step is to clean away any crumbs or excess oil that has built up on your waffle iron. Additionally, brush away large pieces of dried batter stuck between ridges or drips on the sides for a thorough clean.


Whether your waffle iron is nonstick, it must be cleaned after each use. Doing this helps avoid an accumulation of grease, batter, and crumbs that could eventually ruin your waffles and kitchen countertop.

First, wipe down the exterior of your waffle maker with a dry paper towel to eliminate any remaining smudges and fingerprints. This will give it an elegant appearance.

Next, wipe down your waffle maker with a damp rag or cloth. Be sure not to get it wet, as this could get water into the electrical parts and cause it to overheat or break.

You can make a paste with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for a deeper clean to loosen any stubborn spots on your waffle iron grid plates. Be aware that this paste will turn brown as it absorbs oil and grime stuck to your waffle iron; therefore, wipe it off using a rag or sponge until all residue has been eliminated.


If you’re a waffle iron enthusiast, you know how important it is to clean your appliance after each use. Grease buildup and residue on the grid surfaces of your waffle iron can be tough to get rid of, but with regular maintenance and proper care, these appliances will remain to look their best for years!

The key to successful grease removal is patience. Begin by mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (a few drops of soap are helpful too). Then, wipe down all grid surfaces and the outside of the appliance with a paper towel or pastry brush to eliminate any extra grease or oil buildup.

You can also pour some cooking oil on stubborn spots and let them sit for several minutes before wiping away the gunk with a paper towel. This trick works exceptionally well for nonstick waffle irons that have hard-to-remove batter remnants stuck to their plates.


Tough stains and burnt-on foods can be tricky to remove from a waffle iron; there are several steps you can take for easy clean-up. If food remnants are stuck to the iron, try wiping them away with a soft-bristled brush or paper towels.

First, wipe down the exterior of your waffle iron with a cloth and dish soap. Afterward, you can scrub its interior with a toothbrush or nail brush.

You may also make a paste with baking soda and water to loosen stubborn oil and stains from the grates. Simply apply it to your grill and let it sit for five minutes.

Once removed, wipe away any paste remnants with a dry rag and repeat this process until your grill is clean and residue-free.

Non-removable plates

If your waffle iron has non-removable plates, clean them thoroughly after each use. Leaves can collect food debris and grease, which over time, will erode the nonstick coating of the iron.

To thoroughly clean the inside of a waffle iron, take a soft-bristled brush and sweep away any food or crumbs from its crevices. You may also wipe its exterior with a damp rag or a paper towel.

After taking out the plates, soak them in hot soapy water. Gently scrub away any stains or dirt that may have remained, and allow the leaves to air-dry before placing them back into your waffle iron.