Saint Makeup Reviews


If you are looking for a natural, safe cosmetics line, you should try Saint Makeup products. Their natural ingredients are unlikely to irritate your skin. However, you should still do a skin test to make sure. Some liquid cosmetics contain drying chemicals and alcohol, irritating your skin. On the other hand, creamy and balm-based cosmetics are gentler on sensitive skin.

St 3D Foundation Cream

Saint 3D Foundation Cream is an ultra-smooth and full-coverage foundation. The product has an 18-hour wear time, is water resistant, and has buildable coverage. It is non-greasy and is best applied with a brush. It comes in two finishes: satin and matte. The satin version gives the complexion a dewy finish, while the matte version minimizes shine.

This foundation is ideal for dry skin but can also be used for oily or combination skin types. Its unique formula allows it to hydrate and mattifies the skin depending on your needs. This makeup also has a long wear time, so it can be a great option if you have oily skin.

St Single-Eyeshadow

The SAINT Eyeshadow Palette is a compact palette with five intensely pigmented shades that can be used to create a range of eyeshadow looks. Its colours include satin, matte, and metallic finishes. These shadows can be used on any eye colour, from light to dark. They are also water-resistant and long-lasting.

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